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Sai Baba Temple Lodhi Garden

This very famous Sai Baba Temple is situated on Lodhi Road that witnesses many people due to the presence of the famous Lodhi Gardens in Delhi. Prayers like Dhoop Aarti, Kakad Aarti and the soothing Shej Aarti attracts the devotees that visit the temple. A large number of devotees throng to this temple on daily basis and this temple is located close to the very famous stadium, Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium. Persian and the Hindu’s perceive different meaning of Sai Baba that is very different to each other. Both communities denote Father as the same name. No matter what caste or creed anyone belongs to, only Sai Baba used to care and love all his children of both the religions and listens to everyone without any discrimination. His speeches used to start with the line, ‘Sabka Malik Ek’.


The architecture of the Sai Baba Temple on Lodhi Road attracts lakhs of pilgrims on its doors on daily basis. The architectural significance of this shrine is that it is one of the most beautiful shrines located in Delhi. Also there is no line or boundary for any caste, creed of religion. Henceforth, everyone is welcomed with open arms to this temple without any discrimination.


There are no time bars or limitations to worship and take blessings from Sai Baba. There are many pilgrims that visit this temple on Thursday as it is meant to be the shrine day to worship the great Sai Baba. Devotional activities like Aarti, puja, Bhajans, langar’s and other calm and tranquil activities take place in the temple premises. Pilgrims and devotees visit this place to get hold of the calm and peaceful environment and get the required peace of mind. Also many devotees make it a point to visit the temple everyday and perform the daily duties to keep the temple clean and working. Many also like to come and do gardening in the temple premises for the natural air to keep the temple calm, cool and the most loved place for all to visit.

Visitor’s Information

  • Address of the temple: Sai Baba Temple, Lodhi Road, Delhi – 110003
  • For details, call: 011 – 24658113
  • This temple is located on Lodhi Road Institutional area
  • The nearest metro station is the JLN Stadium metro stadium and the bus station is JLN stadium.
  • There are no time limitations to take blessings from Sai Baba
  • The nearest railway station is Nizamuddin railway station.

Best Time to Visit

Anytime is the best time to visit this temple as there is no discrimination in the eyes of Sai Baba and people from different caste and creed are allowed to anytime enter and seek blessings from Sai Baba.


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