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Tourism Corporation Of Gujarat Limited

The Gujarat Tourism under TCGL

Gujarat has long been one of the most hospitable states and the coveted tourist destination in India as well as the world. The TCGL strives to make it the most sought after tourist attractions by putting in place an all-inclusive package to attract both domestic and International tourists.

The official website of TCGL has been designed keeping in mind the heritage and mystique of Gujarat. This includes a kaleidoscope of both the ancient wonders as well as the modern legends. This website of TCGL helps to equip tourists with the necessary access to information needed to make the journey of Gujarat awe-inspiring, enriching, and enjoyable.

The state of Gujarat offers a wide range of the most spectacular attractions from ancient wonders to scenic landscapes. From ancient times, Gujarat has always been a melting pot of countless civilizations, each contributing to what has become today’s culture and heritage. Due to its rich history, Gujarat is home to several pilgrim centres for many faiths and has its fair share in India’s glorious history. Not to forget, it is also the home to the legendary Lord Krishna and Mahatma Gandhi.
The Gujarat Tourism offers

  • Spiritual and Nature Tourism
  • Business and Heritage Tourism         
  • Medical Tourism
  • Recreational & Eco Tourism
  • Cultural and Health Tourism
  • Urban and Rural Tourism
  • Adventure Sports and Event Tourism

Apart from cultural and historical sites, Gujarat has to offer more even if you are researcher, a backpacker, a researcher, or an art collector.

  • Forests and Natural Ecosystems
  • Archaeological structures, Heritage Monuments, Museums, Learning spaces
  • Gardens, Lakes, Beaches and Coastal Sites
  • Religious Sites and Gandhi Circuit

The Tourist Corporation of Gujarat has identified 8 tourism hubs that only provide accommodations but also additional packages such as transportation with a wide variety of choices and also conducted tours. The eight identified Tourism hubs are

  • Ahmedabad Metro
  • Ahmedabad Rural (North Gujarat)
  • Surat (South Gujarat)
  • Vadodara (Central Gujarat)
  • Rajkot, Junagadh & Jamnagar (Saurashtra)
  • Bhuj (Kutch)

The government of Gujarat through the Tourist Corporation of Gujarat has ensured that these hubs are equipped with high-tech infrastructure and facilities. The available services are in the field of

  • Commerce
  • Communications
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation and
  • Medical facilities

The TGCL has a network of 18 accommodation units all over the state and 5 Cafeterias under the brand name ‘Toran’. These efforts showcase the perseverance of the TCGL to ensure that the Gujarat Tourism is one of the best and also that this caters to people from all walks of life.


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