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Gandhi Smriti, New Delhi

Gandhi Smriti is located on 5, Tees January Road, in New Delhi, India. It is a museum devoted to Mahatma Gandhi. Earlier, it was recognized as Birla Bhavan or Birla House and is the place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed from 9th September, 1947 to 30th January 1948. This museum was formerly the house of the Birla family, the Indian business industrialist. It is the holy place where Father of the Nation’s heroic life ended.

In 1971, Government of India acquired the Old Birla House and changed it into a National Memorial of the Mahatma Gandhi and on 15th August, 1973 it was opened for the public. In 2005, it was established as the Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum.

Attraction Inside the Gandhi Smriti

The building and the background have been conserved as they were in earlier time. The major attractions inside Gandhi Smriti are the room where Gandhi Ji lived and the prayer ground where every evening he used to perform worship.
Museum has many sculptures, photographs, paintings, murals, artifacts, inscriptions on rocks and remnants relating to the time Mahatma Gandhi lived here.

The Memorial of Mahatma Gandhi showcases three major aspects. Educative aspects to focus on values of life that turn Gandhi a Mahatma, visual aspects to effect the memory of Mahatma Gandhi and his dignified ideals, and service aspects to initiate activities to fulfill definite requirements.

A high monumental statue of Mahatma Gandhi with a girl and boy holding a dove in their hands is a symbol of his general concern for the deprived and the poor. It is placed on the entrance of the Gandhi Smriti to welcome visitors. Sri Ram Sutar, a well known sculptor had crafted this statue. Sculpture shows the words of Mahatma Gandhi "My Life is My Message". The Martyr's Column symbolizes the location where Gandhi, the "Father of the Nation" was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. Outside the house pillar is placed that shows a swastika symbol.

How to Reach

By Air

The Museum is located on 5, Tees January Road, New Delhi. The city is well connected with major cities via flights. From Indira Gandhi International Airport, Gandhi Smriti is just 20 Kms. Taxi, cab and auto can be hired from Delhi Airport to reach the spot.

By Rail/Road

New Delhi railway station and Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) is connected with major cities in India. From ISBT and railway station car and bus services are available to reach Gandhi Smriti.

The nearest metro station is Race Course (yellow line) which is 6 Kms from Gandhi Smriti. After reaching this metro station you can take auto, bus, or taxi to reach Gandhi Smriti.


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