This National Park mainly supports rocks, grasses, dry deciduous forests and scrub thorn arid forests through its topography. It is extremely important for you to note that Sariska was a hunting preserve in the ancient times. However, in 1955, this particular area was declared as a wildlife reserve. In 1978, the Indian government declared Sariska, a National Park and gave it the status of a tiger reserve. Soon, it became a part of the India’s project tiger scheme.

Sariska National Park is actually a part of the Aravalli range and it is extremely rich in various mining resources like copper. In fact, Bengal Tigers have always been the most attractive feature of this National Park. Millions of tourists from all across India and other neighboring countries visit this grand tiger reserve in order to see Bengal tigers. The Indian government has obtained success in relocating the tigers successfully through this national tiger reserve. Studies were conducted and it was observed that most of the tigers that were located in this tiger reserve adapted this place very quickly and it eventually resulted in the growth of their population.

Best Time to Visit

Sariska National Park is open for the tourists all across the year. It is mainly because there are many historical monuments and religious places, inside the premises of this grand Tiger reserve.

Therefore, if you are planning to visit this National Park with your friends and family, then the best time for you are during October to June. You can also plan your short trip to this great Indian tiger reserve during the summer season. It is important for you to note that Sariska National Park experiences a tropical climate all across the year. It means that the summers here are extremely hot and winters are quite cold and foggy. In summers, the temperature can go as high as 49 degrees and in the winters, the temperature may go as low as 4 degrees.

Main Features of Sariska National Park

This grand Indian National Park has many carnivores like a jungle cat, wild dog, hyena, jackal and leopard. Most of these carnivore animals feed on animals like Nilgai, langur, chitel and chausingha.

Wild boars can also be found in the Sariska National Park. There are many other attractive features, which will simply mesmerize your senses. You can find the Rhesus Monkeys, which generally belong to the talyriksh area. Many people visit this grand tiger reserve in order to enjoy the beauty of its avian world. You will be simply surprised after seeing the beauty of rich and varied bird life. You can easily find birds like sand grouse, bush quail, gray partridge, crested serpent eagle and peafowl. Golden backed woodpecker, Great Indian horned owl and tree pie can be found in this National Park.

Some Major Attractions

There are many amazing tourist attractions located inside the premises of the Sariska National Park. Some of them are stated below:

Sariska Tiger Heaven

Sariska Tiger Heaven is located inside the Sariska National Park. You can come to this place and view Bengal tigers, cheetahs, leopards passing by.

Sariska Palace

Sariska Palace is one of the most popular historical monuments and it is located about 190 kilometers away from Delhi and 130 kilometers away from Jaipur. The historical connections of this monument dates back to the 5th century AD. You can visit this prehistoric monument and gather some useful information regarding the history of Sariska and nearby areas.


Pandupol is a chief tourist attraction and it is mainly located in the Sariska National Park. This tourist spot is considered the same place where the Pandavas spent a part of their exile period. This is one of the major reasons for the historical importance of Pandupol. People also believe that Bhima, a Pandava, acquired his strength of a thousand elephants at this place. If you want, you can visit Pandupol during the rainy season because it will eventually help you to see a wonderful waterfall.

Hanuman Temple

It is important for you to know that the Sariska National Park is not only popular due to its natural wilderness but it is also popular due to its cultural and religious importance. There are many temples that are located inside the premises of this National Park and among them, the Hanuman temple is very famous. It is located close to the watchtower.


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