Bharati Delhi Emporium

Bharti Delhi Emporium deliver unique collection of beautiful handicrafts designed by Indian weavers, folk artists and craftsmen which will leave a long lasting memory on people who visit this place. Because of its inspired fashion, increased curiosity and enchanted tourists, India has been a place of attraction all over the world. This place gives a perfect picture of real India through its décor, products, exhibition, ambience and all other that goes well with it. The ethnic diversity and vast culture of India is greatly expressed through this customer friendly and easily accessible concept of exhibition and sale of handcraft products.

This ‘ONE-SHOP’ emporium is the perfect treasure bowl of outstanding collection of artistic and traditional crafts, each of them are unique in their style, concept, theme, design and their expression. This place is perfectly planned with know-how and also customer based awareness to deliver it as ideal shopping destination. This emporium represents rare collection of modern and traditional quality products including white metal, marble, garments, zardoze, wood-carving, paintings, leather, handloom, brass ware, shawls, carpets, fabric, sarees and various other handicraft items.

Apart from the picturization of real ‘Heritage of Indian Culture’, this place will provide good collection of exclusive jewelry collection from professional designers and other antique pieces thereby fulfilling the needs of each and every person.

Bharti Emporium encourages all the master craftsmen and ‘grass-root’ artists together with state level and national level awardees to display their products. They follow strict vigilance procedure to take care of the products delivered to them. There was about 395 lakh turn over in the year 2010-2011. One can experience the powerful magic of Indian arts and crafts at ‘Bharti’.


Bharti consists of all the outstanding creations of master craftsmen and designers that leave a long lasting impression in the minds of people all over the world.


A-block Emporia Complex,
Baba Kharak Singh Marg,
Connaught Place, Delhi
Tel No: 011-23363287


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