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Sanskriti Kendra Museum, Delhi

Sanskriti Museum is housed in Sanskriti Kendra Complex, Anandagram, near Mehrauli in South Delhi. This museum was set up in 1990 by O.P. Jain with the support of Sanskriti Foundation which is a non-profit art and culture advertising organization and was founded in 1978. Sudarshan Agarwal, O.P. Jain and Dr A M Singhvi were the trustees of this organization.

It is a set of three museums which are called as Museum of Indian Terracotta, Textile Museum and Museum of ‘Everyday Art’. These Museums are the ideal examples of the conservation and symbols of craftsmanship, original heritage, cultural practices, and aesthetic functionality. In this museum, Sanskriti foundation organizes artist-in-residence programmes and workshop for artists, scholars and craftsmen. It also has home studios, an amphitheatre, an art gallery and a library.

History of Sanskriti Kendra Museum

In 1989, the construction of Kendra complex started. In the early years, the organization was lavishly funded by its association members but at a later stage, it received funds from government and other organizations like Ford Foundation, Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), and corporate sector.

In 1979, the foundation introduced the 'Sanskriti Awards' as its first project. These awards were given to the talented young group of people aged between 20–35 years in 5 key domains which include the Arts, Literature, Music, Journalism and Social/Cultural Achievement. The major aim to build these museums is to preserve collections and to make a central resource for research related to the art and craft traditions of India.

Attraction Inside Sanskriti Kendra Museum

Museum of Indian Terracotta

Terracotta is an efficient art and is the first creative look of society. In Indian terracotta museum, one can discover the shared expression of civilization. Terracotta art indicates the diverse and ancient traditions in India. This Museum has more than 1,500 items of terracotta art which are displayed in the background of the individual tribal arts

Museum of Textile

This museum showcases the best and the unique samples of Indian textile heritage. Its key aim is to show examples of special traditions of Indian textiles, and also to build a source of study and research.

Museum of Everyday Art

This museum has the diverse selection of "Everyday Arts", where artists transform the everyday household things like nutcrackers, toys, saucers, spoons, cups, and home shrines into the works of art with their talent.

How to Reach

By Air

The Museum is located on Anandagram, Gurgaon Road, Mehrauli, New Delhi. Delhi is well connected with major cities via flights. From Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport, Sanskriti Kendra Museum is almost 18.5 Kms. Taxi, cab and auto can be hired from IGI Airport to reach the museum.

By Rail/Road

Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) and New Delhi railway station is connected with major cities in India via roads and rail network. From ISBT and railway station, bus and cab services are available.

The nearest metro station is ArjanGarh which is 2 Kms from Sanskriti Kendra Museum. After reaching this metro station you can take auto, bus or taxi to reach the destination.


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