Art Indus

History of Art Indus

Located in the heart of New Delhi, Chanakyapuri is one of the finest leading galleries of India, the Art Indus Gallery. This reputed gallery was inaugurated in 1997 at the famous Santushti Complex by a true art lover, Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi. The gallery was based on extraordinary passion and deep understanding of Indian art culture and celebrated artistic heritage that spanned generations. The founder Vijay Lakshmi is an artwork connoisseur as well as an ardent collector of ancient textiles, miniature as well as contemporary art. For the past fifteen years, the gallery has earned due respect for itself for exhibiting some of the best artworks in contemporary art.

It is a highly famed gallery in Delhi that is known globally for showcasing outstanding contemporary artworks of the finest artists. The optimum thing about this institution is that it offers art lovers to see different styles of contemporary artworks under one roof. Individuals who are really fond of modern Indian art of distinct styles can look forward to this gallery. Figurative paintings, landscapes, surreal canvases and abstracts are major styles of work that are displayed herein. Every single work of art that is presented here offers full assurance of ethnicity and authenticity.

In order to promote and support contemporary and modern Indian artwork on a large scale basis, the gallery organizes world-class exhibitions in collaboration with reputed national and international agencies. The proprietor of the gallery is known for her judicious eye and she makes sure that every piece of work displayed in the gallery is totally unique and a masterpiece. The gallery exhibits works of not only established and experienced professionals but also of young and upcoming contemporary artists of India. There is group as well as the solo exhibitions organized for numerous reputed artists to provide their work with long lasting respect and appreciation for the public of all across the world.

Tribute to Mother Teresa, Amrit Sagar and Third Anniversary Exhibitions are some of the esteemed group exhibitions conducted by the gallery to showcase artworks of novels as well as experienced artists. In addition to this, there are also solo exhibitions planned by the gallery such as The Probing Eye, Icon 2000 that can aid towards the benefit of Indian art. The gallery also holds collaboration with some really prestigious groups such as the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Ford Foundation, The Indian Habitat Center and more that offer full support towards the development of modern Indian artwork throughout the world.

Besides organizing exhibitions, the Art Indus Gallery also plans events such as a recently held musical recital by Shubha Mudgal. Such unique events of the gallery are conceptualized not only for promotion of Indian art culture but also to pay tribute to legendary artists of different decades. The gallery always has on display, the works of some really esteemed artists such as S.H. Raza, Jamini Roy, Rameshwar Broota and KS Kulkarni. This is an ideal shop for securing abstract paintings, realistic art and landscapes. Art lovers will be amazed to see the fond collection of extraordinary contemporary artwork in this institution.

Moreover, the gallery also deals in the publication of catalogues and books about Indian Art. These catalogues are filled with rich information on distinct aspects of Indian artwork. The books are incorporated with detailed information on every minute aspect of modern art and its different styles. So, art lovers who want to have a deep understanding of this topic can surely get great stuff here. There are also sculptures available on line that are crafted by masters of Indian culture from all across the world and that can be availed by art lovers at extremely affordable means.

It welcomes artists from all parts of India and even Indian artists who are foreign based. The main agenda of the gallery is to make people aware of high quality contemporary artwork offered by Indian artists. It also aspires to promote artwork in international grounds and therefore tends to organize events and shows that can further aid in this process. The other fine thing about this gallery is that all work pieces displayed here are exclusive and hold uniqueness of its own.

The other great thing about this gallery is that it has always focused on providing strong support to female artists. There are specially conceptualized events and exhibitions planned in order to promote the work of women Indian artists. The gallery is also an excellent platform for artists who want to hold a worldwide appreciation for their work. They can display their talent throughout the world with the aid of this gallery. The responsibility of promoting quality works of contemporary art of India is duly fulfilled by this celebrated gallery. It is an excellent place to collect and display artworks of extremely high standards.

The reputed Art Indus Gallery has always tried to maintain a fair stability in their presentation of Avant Grade artists and Masters work. The main focus of the gallery is to bring forward best contemporary artwork in India. In addition to this, it also aims to keep a perfect blend of old and the young, established and emerging and has therefore served to best of its potential the passionate spirit of dedication to artwork of all eras. Individuals who wish to see only masterpieces that are created by esteemed as well as new artists can visit the gallery at any time.


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