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Tourism And Civil Aviation Department Himachal Pradesh


Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) got registered as a company under the Indian companies’ act 1956 and registrar of other companies that come under Tamil Nadu state on the 30th June 1971. TTDC wholly and solely comes under the Government of Tamil Nadu undertakings with state’s complete share holdings in the company.

Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation

TTDC is a state government company whose major objective is to well establish tourism by providing accommodation as well as transportation facilities for its tourists, development of cottage industries and hand craft industries in the state. But majorly, it deals to facilitate tourism. To serve the above mentioned purposes, TTDC divides its operations into 3 different sectors – Hotels, Transportation and Fairs.

  • Hotels Section TTDC made this department with an intension to establish and maintain hotels at different tourist places. Most of its hotels are named as “Hotel Tamil Nadu”. Hotels of TTDC are having 78 outlets in which 54 hotels are in the control of TTDC and 2 units of hotel were given on a long term lease of over 30 years during the period of 1995. Also, Tamil Nadu government has approved the plan of franchising TTDC’s 30 hotels and 7 Restaurants. The government is working to franchise these hotel units for a long period of 10 years with respect to small hotels having approximately 5 rooms and 15 years with respect to other hotel units. The youth hotels are built with an aim to cater the services for tourist with low budget by fixing an amount of Rs 50 per bed.
  • Among 78 outlets, 54 are hotels, 11 are Boat houses, 3 are the restaurants, 3 are snack bars, 4 are telescope housestik, 2 are for landscaping and gardening and one is a Tourist service center. The government undertook franchising to make room for private sectors to maintain and run few hotel units. Also, franchising helps TTDC to gain more profit and to concentrate more on the tourist spots like Ooty, Kodaikanal, Thanjavur, Yercaud, Coimbatore, Madurai, Rameswaram, Mamallapuram and Kanyakumari.

  • Transport Section TTDC offers 24 luxurious vehicles for its tourist’s comfortable journey. Among which 2 are 45 seater Volvo, 4 are 35 seater air-conditioned coach, 4 are 35 seater non-air-conditioned coach, 6 are 18 seater air-conditioned coach, 6 are 18 seater non-air-conditioned coaches and 2 are 10 seater air-conditioned tempo traveler. Along with the above vehicles, TTDC also hires vehicles from private agencies during the period of high demands.
  • TTDC offers 38 kinds of touring packages starting from half a day to 14 days. The package not only covers places of Tamil Nadu but also includes few places in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Pondicherry, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. It also handles special package tours for the tourists arriving from different countries as well. TTDC deals with 3 kinds of touring packages – Regular tours which operate regularly, Optional tours which operate on specific tourist’s demands and seasonal tours which operates in specific seasons.

    TTDC provides sales counters in order to reach up to customers to promote and to sell its packages offered. These sale counters are present at different parts of Chennai as well as across the states.

  • Rail-cum-Road Tour – In this tour, confirmed railway tickets are guaranteed to the tourists. TTDC has started rail-cum-road service in order to facilitate tourists from different states. It enables links from Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmadabad and Lucknow to Chennai central station. TTDC provides hi-tech coach service to travel through the Tamil Nadu, hotel reservations at TTDC hotels and guides for the tourists. Also, TTDC ensures warm hospitality right from welcoming its tourists from the railway station to boarding at the station at the end of the tour.


  • Fair Section TTDC conducts fair for a period of 90 days that is from the month of January to March. The fair is held in Island grounds in which state government, central government, other state government and their undertakings participate regularly. This exhibition is considered to be one major portion of profit for TTDC. During the non-fair period, many private sectors make use of the location by setting up exhibitions to sell their products and also for conferences and conventions. The private sectors include – Chemtech, Business India, Auto Fest, ICE, etc.
  • Online Reservation System – It is one of the most unique features launched by TTDC in order to facilitate the best reservation system for its tourists worldwide. Also, TTDC is delighted to announce that Tamil Nadu tourism development corporation is the first company to announce online reservation system for tours and hotels in the country.

Coming to the working of TTDC, all its duties and responsibilities are divided among different departments with its respective heads. The management of TTDC is performed by its board of directors under the supervision of Chairman and Managing Director. Other officers like Chief Accounts Manager, Secretary, Assistant chief Managers and Managers of different departments perform their day to day duties for a smooth functioning of TTDC. It has also got set of rules, norms, regulations, records and manuals for its efficient functioning.


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