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Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple In Mayur Vihar New Delhi

The Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple is located in east Delhi in Mayur Vihar. The temple is significant not only to the Keralites residing in Delhi but to various other communities. The temple features beautiful architecture that is worth noticing. It has been designed in traditional south Indian architecture and can be compared to a replica of the original Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple.

The Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Aiyyappa Swamy, a widely worshipped deity. The temple is visited daily by several devotees and worshippers. Apart from the idol of Aiyyappa Swamy, the temple also has idols of Lord Krishna, Lord Vigneswara, Devi Chottanikkara Bhagavathy and Lord Shiva. The temple holds several pujas and special prayers. The priests at the temple conduct different pujas as per the choice of the devotees. Every puja is charged a different fee.

Apart from conducting special prayers the temple also promotes cultural art and devotional and light music. There are several competitions held in the temple to promote art and music. The temple has a huge hall where all the functions are conducted. In May, there is a festival conducted in the temple premises. During this festival, the temple is decorated lavishly and artists are invited from Kerala to perform various art forms. The festival lasts for a complete week and several worshippers come to attend the festivities during this time.

Visiting the Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple is one experience that you will not forget. Built at a convenient location, the temple is easily accessible from any part of the city. Visitors can either take buses, taxis or travel to the temple by metro. The nearest metro station to the temple is the Mayur Vihar Phase I Metro Station‎. From here visitors can take autos, taxis or buses to reach the temple.


The Aiyyappa Swamy Temple is built along the lines of the Uttara Guruvayurappan Temple located in Kerala. The structure of the temple is beautiful an exactly the same as the temple in Kerala. The frescoes on the walls of the temple are worth noticing.

The entire ambiance of the temple is holy and peaceful and visiting the temple fills worshippers with a feeling of serenity and calm. The temple is visited by various people from different communities and facets of life.


The Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple is known for celebrating their festivals quite elegantly. The temple promotes traditional music and dance forms. Several cultural programs are conducted in a huge hall called as the Panchjanya. The temple also features a library that has an excellent collection of religious books.

The temple holds an annual festival in May every year. Artists from Kerala visit the temple during this annual festival for making the celebration special. The artists perform various native art forms like Chakya Koothu, Ottam Thullal and Koodiyattam. During the festival, the temple is beautifully decorated with diyas and lights.

Throughout the year there are several cultural celebrations in the temple including devotional and light music. The priests at the temple conduct various pujas depending on the choice of the devotees. Every puja has a different fee.

Visitor Information

Location:  Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple Pocket C-2, Mayur Vihar Phase III, New Delhi-110 096

Contact: 011-22611269, 9312667409, 9810322575 | E-mail: [email protected] | Website: http://mayurviharsasthatemple.org

Nearest Metro Station: The Mayur Vihar Phase I Metro Station‎ (6.2 KM)

Days Closed: Open all days

Complex Entry: - Free


  • Winter: (October to March) 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
  • Summer (April to September) 5:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM


Complex Entry:          Free
Mandir:                       Free
Special Puja:               Fee (varies according to puja)


Parking Available near temple
Cloakroom At owners’ risk (Minimal fee)
Photo Photography allowed
Food Several restaurants around the temple.
Books & Gift Centre Stalls outside the temple sell books/ Library inside temple premises


Dress Code

  • Casual/formal – Visitors must cover shoulders and knees

Security & Safety

Not Allowed

  • Electronic Items
  • Mobile phones should be switched off
  • Inebriated Products
  • Shoes should be removed before entering temple


  • Belts
  • Ladies purses
  • Wallets
  • Jewellery
  • Baby Food

Strictly Prohibited

  • Use of Inebriated Products
  • Rude Behaviour
  • Animals

Best Time to Visit

The Sri Aiyyappa Swamy Temple is best visited during the winter months when the temperature in Delhi is cool and pleasant. The temple celebrates an annual function in the month of May which is worth attending. During this festival the temple invites artists from Kerala to perform their traditional art forms. However the weather in Delhi is quite uncomfortable during this time.


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