Hotel Samrat

In Lutyen's city of New Delhi, where the present co-exists with the past in more than one ways, Hotel Samrat offers one of the most comfortable stays. Enjoy on one of the finest addresses in Delhi, Hotel Samrat lies in a close proximity of shopping malls, business arenas and other attractions of Delhi. The architecturally brilliant structure of Hotel Samrat has been adorned with Jodhpur stones lying in the midst of lush green scenic beauty of central Delhi fairs quite well in matching your expectations of an exquisite living space. It is a marble and stone structure which has been beautifully built around an open air patio and a central flower filled atrium.

There are 255 exotic and single rooms in the hotel offering a comfortable stay amid all the modern facilities to enhance your experience in the hotel. All the rooms of the hotel give a pleasant view of water channels, fountains and gardens while gratifying the requisite of the most refined guests. The hotel offers a wide range of facilities including a shopping arcade, florist, baby sitter, safe deposit, tennis court, in-house laundry, internet connectivity and many more.

Hotel Samrat also offers convention and banquet facilities. Personal atmosphere, helpful staff and the central location of the hotel make it a perfect venue for theme parties and mega events. The pillarless Kautilya convention centre and the Chanakya Chandragupta are the two banquets where you can host parties, weddings and other events. The Chanakya Chandragupta hall amazes you with the Gupta Dynasty type ambience of courtyards with pillars facilitating a green backdrop.


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