Traffic Rules

  • DO’s
    • Follow the same lane
    • Pedestrian must follow zebra crossing, foot-over bridges or subways to cross road
    • Maximize usage of public transportation rather than travelling by private vehicles
    • Be calm and compose while driving
    • Always abide by the traffic rules
    • Wear ISI labelled helmet when travelling through a two wheeler
    • Wearing a seat belt while travelling in a car for personnel safety
    • Park vehicle only on the authorized parking areas
    • Drive in a controlled speed while crossing roundabouts, speed breaker, pedestrian crossings etc
    • Drive in mentioned speed limits
  • DON’Ts
    • Drive hastily and carelessly
    • Get involved in road wrath
    • Cross the red light signal
    • Surpass other vehicles from wrong side
    • Honk the horns loudly
    • Drink and drive
    • Surpass vehicles from wrong side, drive in proper lane, don’t change the lanes hastily
    • Part on unauthorized areas
    • Clash over the abusive driving by other drivers
    • Use mobile when driving
    • Let the minor drive vehicle

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