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Delhi Police And Juvenile Justice

The department who legally work for preventing crime and dealing with those who commit the crime is the Police department. The said statement is old for the current police department since the Police in today’s time also work for the many social errands like dealing with social diffident, senior citizen who have been neglected by their families or the women who have been assaulted either physically or mentally.

The only sphere where the department lacked was the justice for children and this could be later achieved when a special act named Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 came in existence.

It was only in the year 2006 and implementation of Juvenile rules that procedure for improvements and alterations in the criminal proceedings for Juveniles by the Police could be actually implemented. The Delhi Police department has taken one of the major steps by setting up a special group of police persons who tackle the cases related to Juvenile and work as per the regulations mentioned in Juvenile Justice Act, 2000.

Delhi Police department has been continuously working in correspondence to the Juvenile Justice Act and also have creates a special group named Special Juvenile Police Unit in all the 11 districts of the police along with the crime office located at Railways and Airport who jointly work for the wellbeing of children. Each police station in Delhi have made it compulsory to have at least two to three police person who are well trained and equipped to deal with the situations that involve children. At Nanakpura, a Nodal office that works on the issues related to children have also been set up.

Since, there are very few people who have been currently working with SJPUs and state government is yet to appoint more social workers who could support this cause so SJPUs are seeking succor from NGOs and private groups who have been keenly working on supporting the cause of child abuse and their rights. The NGOs have been actively operating at the district level to make more and more people aware about the laws that work for the cause of child abuse and letting the children to come out of problematic circumstances.

As per the latest information, there are very few people who have been working as the social helpers for the support of SJPUs, so this led to the involvement of civil societies providing their support in such matters as guided by the High Court Committees. The people from different spheres like RWAs, self-working groups who are enthusiastic to work in favor of wellbeing of children and prolong their services in the support of the cause are being taken up to resolve the cases in relation to juvenile and law that works in favor of child abuse and extortion, etc.

The major motive behind this accomplishment is to have people in police who are trained and made aware of the necessities of the children and works completely as per the policies of the Juvenile Justice System completely.


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