Sms Services

This is an excellent way to find details or find about any traffic violation caused by any particular vehicle. Just SMS in the below format and find out the registration number of such vehicles.

SMS Format: N <Registration Number>

For example, if you want to find out if a vehicle has any pending notice to it, then all you have to do is send an SMS using the above format. Suppose the registration number of the vehicle is DL5CD 2345, then your SMS should be

‘N DL5CD 2345’

You will get a reply stating: DL5CD 2345 Notice: 13451992 Owner: Vishal Sharma Dt: 20-Aug-2013 At: Chandni Chowk of: Violation of traffic signal Rs. 100/-.

Find about Towed Away Vehicles

Just send an SMS to find about towed away vehicles. The auto generated system will give detailed information as to where the vehicle has been taken to, the telephone number of the place and the circle name.

The SMS format is as follows:

SMS Format: A (one space) <Registration Number>

If the registration number of the towed vehicle is DL5CD 2345, then send an SMS in the above format and send it to 9811452220.

The sender will soon get a reply with the police station’s name and address along with its telephone number.


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