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About Delhi High Court

The High Court in Delhi came into existence on 31st October 1966. Four judges were the original strength of high court of Delhi. Those were Chief Justice I. D. Dua, K. S. Hegde, Justice S. K. Kapur and Justice H. R. Khanna.

Subordinate Courts of Delhi High Court

At present, there are as many as six district courts that function under the jurisdiction of Delhi High Court. These courts are

  • Tis Hazari Courts Complex, Established 1958
  • Patiala House Courts Complex, Established 1977
  • Kakarduma Courts Complex, Established 1993
  • Rohini Courts Complex, Established 2005
  • Dwarka Courts Complex, Established 2008
  • Saket Courts Complex, Established 2010

The above mentioned details represent the physical locations of the six district courts, whereas in actuality, there are a total of nine courts each headed by a separate individual jet. The complex of Tis Hazari, for instance, has 3 different courts within it, 2 district courts are in the Kakarduma Complex while all other complexes have a court each.

Contact Details

Address: Sher Shah Road,
India Gate, New Delhi,
Delhi 110003


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