Problem And Approach

One of the major alarming issues for the law engaging companies has been Violence against women in all parts of the world. It has become immeasurable to structure the crime rate against the women in society. This status has been majorly concern for the women in the countries that are developing. The law enforcing companies like police, law agencies, civil society and UN agency have been working on new plans and designs in fighting against the violence cause to women.

The issues on the matter of violence against women are too much mingled and clashes with many other issues and hence gets difficult to dissolve the issues related to women assault. The issue has been rooted since long between men and women and rooted in the traditional beliefs. The major reasons behind the women assault is absence of power vested on women, knowledge on law and lack of education to the women in the society and hence the women are less equipped about their rights to take stand against the violence. It is rarely seen that women stands up for her right for the violence against them.

The most harrowing and debasing violence faced by any women is sexual abuse. In many of the studies related to crime against women like rape and mauling it has been seen that the men in order to prove their superiority over women forces themselves physically and mentally. The social discrimination between men and women has become one of the reasons for crime against the women. This concern of social discrimination between men and women has become one of the gravity issues that must be resolved.

The basic practice of this discrimination between men and women cannot be abolished in a blink of eye. Each action been taken to remove the violence forces those who disregard the vehemence and make it still applicable in the society. The companies whether they be on any level like individual government agency, national and international agencies or any of the social societies trying to abolish this practice of violence against women cannot accomplish this task by working individually they would have to rather join hands to overcome this issue prevailing in the society. Resources who write on such matters, sharing their views and debating with these people will help in making the enhancements to further take steps to abolish the violence caused to the women.

A programme named PARIVARTAN was started by Delhi Police on 29th August 2005 to protect women.


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