Child Sexual Exploitation

Things to Know

  • A child whether male or female can be sexually exploited.
  • With the advancement of technology the children get at more risk of getting involved in online sexual molestation
  • Child Trafficking is other reason of child’s sexual abuse.
  • As per the survey India itself has 400,000 to 500,000 children who are into the profession of prostitution.
  • The child who has been at any point of time exploited sexually can attain the symptoms like anger, low self-respect etc.
  • Child who has been sexually exploited get vulnerable to diseases like HIV, early pregnancy etc.

What can I do when I see a child who had experienced sexual exploitation?

  • Treat the child with deference and poise.
  • Get the child medically examine for any physical and mental assault.
  • Report to the concerned authorities and case be registered as per the suitable law under IPC and JJ Act.
  • Contact the authorized social helpers, psychologists and a child doctor who can treat the child and understand his or her conditions.

Relevant Legislations

Juvenile Justice Act

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