Initiating Intervention

The most prominent matter that has become a matter of concern in any society but especially in India is the violence cause to the women. The most number of cases related to sexual harassments and rape have been reported in the city of Delhi as per the records in comparison to such cases been recorded in any other state of the country. No other such cases that relate to gender centered fierceness have shown major marginal growth in comparison to the cases related to women assaults. An 18 percent of growth has been shown annually in the matter related to rape cases recorded in the city of Delhi till year 2001.

The three major cases of rape in Delhi that were done in the moving vehicle were brought in highlight and one of these cases was reported in the year 2004-2005 that was done on a Swiss diplomat. This case brought the city under terror. The national media has also named the city of Delhi as “rape capital of India”. The rape cases also made the news in the international media and have quoted “Delhi being an unsafe city for women”. Such remarks brought the Delhi Police under stress to comprehend the upward trend in the cases related to women pasting and physical assault in the city of Delhi.

It was in 2005 that the Delhi police department’s higher rank officers were asked to work on the reasons that could be the reason for the cases related to gender biasing and to formulate a regulated intrusion of removing the threat and the reasons behind its happening in a scheduled times. This time based schedule has been listed below:-

1.       Investigation in the degree and cause 15th July 2005
2.       Expansion in intrusion 15th August 2005
3.       Execution of interpolation 31st August 2005
4.       Evaluation and amendment Feb-06
5.       Annual Progress monitoring 29th August 2006
6.       Institutionalization From September 2006 till March 2007

This was later executed with support of Social scientists, civil members of the society. To collect the data the people conducting research on the concerned issue started conducting interviews, personal discussions, evaluating the urban areas growing rapidly, group arguments on the related topic, studying the literature and scrutiny of reports of media. The analysis of data on the topic at national, regional and local reports was done. The understandings and verdicts were bonded.

Selection of Target Area

Delhi being a populated and large city has many areas that have become the major spots for the crime comes under the authority of Northern-west district that has a population of over 3 million. Most of the cases have been in the northern west district of Delhi. It was after many thoughts on the topic it was planned to design a planned program for North-western region of the city of Delhi. The plotting and scrutiny of the crime made it to make a selection of 20 beats out of the existing 200 beats that were operational in North-western part of the district where the designed plan was to be executed initially.

Bench Marking

Such an implementation of engaging a law executing agency in designing such an intrusion earlier was never executed earlier in the country. In the starting only, smaller unplanned and un-designed policies were implemented and hence not much of the success could be attained but later structure programs were practiced.



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