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Delhi Judicial Academy

The Delhi Judicial Academy or the DJA is the result of the brilliant vision and far sightedness of Honourable Justice S. Sinha who was then the Chief Justice of the Delhi’s High Court. He along with Honourable Justice A.D. Singh, Honourable Justice D. Bhandari, Honourable Justice V. Aggarwal, Honourable Justice A. Sikri, Honourable Justice R. Chopra and Honourable Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, formed the main members of this movement.

The Delhi Judicial Academy or the DJA was inaugurated by the hands Honourable Mr. Chief Justice S. Sinha on the 22nd February 2002 at the complex of Kakarduma Court. Ever since then, the academy works from its starting place yet is destined to soon shift to a fully incorporated Complex at Dwarka. There the Delhi judicial Academy shall be housed with the National Law University of Delhi.

The High Court of Delhi has the financial and the administrative control over the Delhi Judicial Academy. Delhi High Court’s Chief Justice serves as the ex-officio Patron-in-Chief of the Delhi Judicial Academy. The ‘training programme and the judicial education’ comprises of 4judges belonging to the Delhi High Court. These are personally handpicked by the ‘Patron-in-Chief’. These four judges are then deemed as the supervisors of the academy and its functions.


At Delhi, the programme of training for the judicial officers was not very extravagant due to the shortage of infrastructure, space and other likewise resources.  Prior to this, Fresh judicial officers learnt by sitting on the court dais with the Senior Judges of the court to monitor and observe the everyday proceedings of the Court room.  In 1992, around 85 judicial officers formed the Delhi Judicial Service. They were trained rigorously for over 9 months. Their training included institutional, practical and even on the field training. However, this training to them was provided in the complex of the Tis Hazari Court without proper facilities and required infrastructure.

In 2002, a particular space in the Kakarduma was identified and finalized for the creation of the Delhi Judicial academy. Justice Sinha inaugurated the new compound of the Delhi judicial Academy on the 22nd February 2002. The objective of imparting training to newly recruited judicial officers as well as for in-service judges was the main motto.  Several distinguished people of the Delhi Judicial Circle were present in the solemn ceremony.

The Delhi Judicial Academy (DJA) is the result of the brilliant vision and far sightedness of Honourable Mr. Justice S.B. Sinha who was then the Chief Justice of the High Court of Delhi. He along with Honourable Mr. Justice Anil Dev Singh, Honourable Mr. Justice Dalveer Bhandari, Honourable Mr. Justice V.S. Aggarwal, Honourable Mr. Justice A.K. Sikri, Honourable Mr. Justice R.C. Chopra and Honourable Mr. Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul, formed the main members of this movement.


At present the Delhi Judicial Academy shares its complex with the campus of the National Law University. Both of these are situated at the integrated campus at Dwarka. The campus is blessed with several facilities including a Conference Room, a Seminar Room and four different Lecture Rooms apart from a fully fledged Library and computer Lab. The Offices of the Chairman, the Directors and also of the Additional Director is situated in the campus. Going by the judgment and observations passed by Honourable Supreme Court in  the  Union of India v/s All India Judges Association ((2002) 4 SCC 247), the Delhi Judicial Academy shall be run on a permanent basis. For the construction of the permanent academy, a particular piece of land which measures a total of 12 acres was allotted to the purpose in Dwarka. On that plot of land, this academy is to be built in a concrete manner with all the modern techniques and facilities which are necessary for the imparting of required training to the Judicial Officers and also to the Ministerial Staff which are attached to the Honourable court.

Aims & Objectives

  • To train the newly elected Judicial Officers and Senior Judicial people.
  • To provide to the existing Judicial Officer a refreshment of the course so that they stay at pace with the current trends, developments of the programme so that they are always updated.
  • To organize, undertake and facilitate conferences, study courses, seminars, researches and lectures, in subjects that are related to the management of Courts and Administration of Justice.
  • To make available and to distribute notes and literature on the subject of Judicial Administration.
  • To sponsor and conduct training programs for the Officers of the Judiciary and Administrators of the court.
  • To provide the judicial officers with continuous training.


Conference Hall

With a combined strength of holding as many as 35 officers at the same time, this state of the art conference hall has all the needs of the conference halls.

Seminar Room

With a total capacity of 50 officers, the seminar room is equipped with modern technology like public address system, screens etc.

Computer Lab

Computers are the need and way of the era hence it is only imperative to introduce the study and practice of computers into the judicial system. The independent lab in the campus has a total of 10 computers for this purpose. Two batches of the Judicial Services have already taken the advantage of this and have passed with the knowledge of computers. The Ministerial staffs at the Kakarduma court have also used this library.


With its own fully fledged Library, Delhi Judicial Academy stands at the helm of law literature bank. At the present moment, there are around a total of 2000 books in this library.  The library has all the necessary staff and a well qualified librarian to take care of it.  The library is pretty spacious and has a seating capacity of around 60 people. The library has already been automated. The academy has managed to acquire a series of books of Civil Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Rights and Environmental Law Information Technology etc. 

Contact Details

Chief Administrative Officer,
Delhi Judicial Academy,
Integrated Complex for Delhi Judicial Academy & National Law Univ. ,
Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi -110078
Contact number: - 011-28036684,
Fax number:- 011-28036683


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