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Guidelines For School Children

The following piece of advice is meant particularly for children. Every child must be fed with the norms and rules of being on the road failing which they should not be allowed to venture alone on the roads. Example is the best way to teach them, therefore it is advisable that parent, teachers and others should always behave according to the code on the roads..

While Walking to School

  • Footpath alone should always be used for walking. Where there are no footpaths, children must use the extreme right of that road for the purpose of walking.
  • Bear patience on the road and never run or push on the road or roadside.
  • Use the zebra crossing for crossing the road. Subways, Traffic signals and foot bridges are also options.
  • In case they are not present, find a safer alternative.
  • When on the traffic signal, one must cross only when the pedestrian signal is green. If the intersection is under the control of a policeman one should wait for his signal.
  • If one is crossing behind the cover of the vehicles that are parked on the road side, it must be kept in mind that that one might be unnoticeable to the traffic as the cars parked might block the traffic’s vision. Once the person crosses the parked vehicle, he/she must wait till the traffic is in full sight and vice versa.
  • If the roads are wide, one must look for a central island and cross in two stages.
  • When there is a one way road to be crossed, it must be kept in mind that usually the traffic shall be in several lanes and at a comparatively high speed. Never cross till the lanes become clear.
  • One must never try to run the way across a road, he/she might fall in the road and cause damage.

While Going by Bus

  • One must plan the visit in adequate time so that there is no need to run after a bus.
  • There must be a queue to be followed at the bus stand. The bus should be boarded when it has completely stopped without pushing or fighting.
  • It is not advisable to make noises in the bus, not only it disturbs the other passengers but also the driver of the bus.
  • One should ensure that only the recognized school bus is boarded by the child and he/she should neither board nor de board the bus at traffic signals or any other stop that is not meant for it.
  • If one is not able to sit in the bus, it is advisable that he/she always holds something. This becomes vital during turns etc.
  • The footboards in the bus are not meant to travel. Hence never travel or even stand on them.
  • Follow the rules of the buses always.

Guidelines for Parents of School Children

  • On the journey to school, Parents are responsible at par for the child’s safety.
  • They must find a safe mode of transport to the school and shall be assured of the child’s safety.
  • The Parents should always vigilantly observe. In case of any rule broken by the school bus, the authorities at the school must be notified immediately.
  • The teachers and parents should also discuss this issue.
  • If the parents are taking the child to school by their own selves, they must ensure the proper safety.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their child about road safety. The basics of road safety and mannerism must come from the parents to the child.
  • Minors should never be allowed to drive in any case.
  • The child must also be brought up i a way that makes him a law abiding citizen of the country.
  • Even the minute of traffic rules must be observed by the parents as the child learns from their parents and are great observers.

* The most important priority of a parent is to ensure the child’s safety.

Guidelines for teachers for ensuring safety of school children

Not just the parents but the teachers and the other authorities in the school also are responsible to imbibe and illuminate the children about the rules and the safety norms while on the road.

  • The teachers should inculcate a value of responsibility while the children are on the road.
  • These knowledge are a must for the safety of the child and they should be done by the following:
    • Familiarizing the child with the road rules and their relative importance.
    • Explaining to the children how they and other people might cause an accident.
  • There are several ways by which the students come to school , the teacher should essentially:
  • The arrival and departure of the children is safe.
  • Vehicles and pedestrians do not be in a state of conflict.
  • There is proper parking of the vehicles.
  • There should be someone to look after the children while they de-board or board the vehicle.
  • There should be a teacher in all the school buses to keep children in control along with the driver.
  • In the case of any breakdown, it’s the driver’s responsibility to arrange another bus and to keep the children in a position.
  • The buses of the schools shall be checked in a routine manner to ensure proper compliance and safety.
  • In the case of any school bus that violates any of the rules of traffic, it is advised that it must be reported to either the Traffic Police or to the school principal or authority.

Essentials for a School Bus as ordered by the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India

  • There must be a clear indication of “School Bus” behind every such bus.
  • In the case of bus hired, "On School Duty" shall be highlighted on it.
  • All the buses shall be equipped with a medical first aid box.
  • There must be horizontal grills on each and every bus.
  • There must be a Fire Extinguisher in the Bus.
  • The name of the school and the telephone number of the principal must be mentioned
  • There must be safe locks on the doors.
  • Beneath the seats, there must be adequate space for school bags.
  • Schools must appoint attendants in each bus.
  • Parents, teachers or other guardians are also advised to accompany the bus to ensure the norms of safety.

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