Guidelines For Car Drivers

  • All the important documents pertaining to the vehicle must be carried in the vehicle at all times. One must also carry the valid driving license issued by the RTO.
  • One must never drive after drinking.
  • If one has had drugs, he/she must never drive.
  • All the signs, signals and markings must be followed.
  • When one is lane changing, he/she must use an indicator.
  • Adhere to permitted speed limits.
  • Cell Phones must never be used. If it is important then one should halt at the extreme left and answer.
  • The vehicles must never be loaded beyond the capacity.
  • Glasses with tint are not to be used. There must also not be any visor or any lens that hampers the person’s vision during the evening.
  • Alcohol has an effect on the judgement making of the driver hence it is never advisable to drink and drive.
  • Always fasten the seat’s belt.
  • Use the perfect gear for driving.
  • Brakes should never be applied suddenly.
  • The clutch is not a footrest and must not be used as one.
  • The manufacturers’ guidelines about the load of the vehicle must always be adhered to.
  • If there is a child in the vehicle, it must be ensured that he/she has worn the seat belt properly.
  • The probability to meet with an accident enhances with fatigue. The following shall help in reducing this risk.
    • One must be absolutely fit for a drive. Long journeys must be avoided when the person is fatigued or tired.
    • Late night journeys must be avoided. Naturally, the alertness is usually the lowest in these hours.
    • There must be adequate breaks in the travel. It is advisable to take a break for 15 minutes after driving for 2 hours.
    • In case the driver is feeling sleepy, it is advisable for him/her to stop safely rather than the road itself.
    • Another way of tackling the sleepy problem is to take short naps during these trips or to constantly have coffee to ensure alertness. Other methods also help but only temporarily.
  • Children in cars: when driving with children, the following things must be take into account :
    • Rear Seat’s back is an absolutely forbidden place for children and they must not go during a journey or travel.
    • When the child is in the car, it must be ensured that the door locks are fitted with child safety features.
    • Children should be kept under the control of an adult.

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