A fact that is widely or perhaps universally accepted and acknowledges is the influence of speed in causing crashes on road and further causalities  

There are two terminologies in this regard: Excess and Inappropriate Speed. While the first refers to speeding beyond the prescribed limits, the second hints at a speed which is not suitable for a particular road or stretch.

With every passing day, cars are being designed that give a very high speed in a matter of seconds. The risk for accidents increases with the speed. This is even higher at junctions on the road and also during overtaking. Often people underestimate the speed and velocity of their own vehicle and hence are unable to react in the small time
In developing countries like India, The traffic is heavy and there is a mixed sense of traffic. These reasons when combined with speeding vehicles contribute heavily to the share of causalities on Indian Roads.

There have been studies in this regard that have revealed that ever KM per hour increase in the speed increases the risk to an accident by about 3 %. Also, the risk of a fatal accident is increased by 4%.

Speed of the vehicle directly impacts the safety of a vehicle, the severity and the seriousness of the accident increases with the speed of the vehicle. The speed of the impact is directly proportional to the casualties.

  • For people in cars, as they speed up from 20 kms per hour to 100 kms per hour, the risk percentage shoots from 0 % to a jaw dropping 100%.
  • When compared to the risk for a belted front seat passenger at 32 kms/hr, the risk is thrice when the vehicle is at 48 kms/hr and as well to 4 times at 64kms/hr.
  • At 30kms/hr or below, the pedestrian’s chance of survival is 90 percent. But if the impact is at 45kms/hr or higher, the rate of survival dips down to a mere 50%.
  • The probability of pedestrians being killed rises by a factor of 8 as the impact speed of the car increases from 30 km/hr to 50 km/hr.

Speeding Can Be a Cause of Severe Crash

  • The time for the driver to react reduces as the time for a vehicle to come to halt increases. Together, these two cause a major reason for accidents.
  • The structure of the vehicle is usually not strong enough to bear the impact and hence causes damage to the occupants.
  • The gear for protection within the car and out on the road is rendered impotent at high speeds.
  • The drivers judgment sense is affected as the vision is blurred due to extremely fast moving objects which his brain and eyes are not able to decipher.

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