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Objective Of Delhi Traffic Police


  1. Reducing and avoiding the number of road accidents.
  2. Implementing all traffic regulations effectively.
  3. Road users to be taught the necessary discipline to be maintained on the road and improving the awareness of road safety among general public including students.
  4. Traffic movement to be smooth during special occasions of VIP visits and reducing discomfort of the public as much as possible.
  5. Being responsive and sensitive to the public needs as much as possible.
  6. Being the first point of contact during emergency situations by arranging for quick first aid for the victims.
  7. Ensure traffic police personnel are trained effectively.
  8. Give proper training and advise important organisations on improving the infrastructure related to road safety awareness and smooth traffic.
  9. Taking all possible steps for protecting the environment by controlling air and noise pollution.
  10. Motivate the general public to participate in the road safety awareness campaigns and events.

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