Traffic Light Signals


red signal

Red signal means to stop. Be at a safe distance from the signal point so that the signal is visible to others. If the signal is not being viewed properly, it will cause accidents and will prove dangerous to pedestrians. If you want to turn to the left, you can do so as long as there are no signs prohibiting you from doing so. If you are about to turn, do pay attention to the pedestrians and vehicles from the opposite direction and allow them to pass first.


be alert signal

The Amber light is for clearing. If this light is on, that means the vehicles have to clear the road in the time when the green signal is turning to red. If you are driving and are in the middle of the road when the Amber light is on, there is no need to panic or stop. Just continue driving but with care. Do pay attention to all sides.


go signal

Haste is always waste when it comes to driving. Even if you are the first in the row when the green light is on, do not drive in haste but first check for vehicles on either side. Only if they have cleared the road, then proceed.

If you are turning to right or left, then allow the pedestrians to cross and let the vehicles coming from the opposite direction pass. If there are signals on either side, then wait for the green signal before you turn.


steady green arrow signal

Look at the direction of the arrows and proceed vigilantly. It should always be noted that you need to give preference to the pedestrians and vehicles in the junction.


If you encounter a flashing red signal, it means that you need to halt immediately and give way to traffic and other pedestrians. You can proceed when the way is clear.


A flashing Amber signal means you have to slow down and drive carefully.

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