Eating House

Grant Of Registration Certificate

For applying for the registration of the Eating House, the applicant needs to submit the ensuing listed Documents -

  • Undertaking with respect to the CCTV camera installation along with recordings facility of thirty days.
  • Undertaking with respect to the existing or proposed amenities like bar and disco, dance floor, music and love performance etc.
  • NOC (fire) in case the seating capacity of that eating house exceeds or is limited to 50 people.
  • A stamped affidavit of Rs. 10 which is duly attested.
  • Proof of applicant’s residence such as Passport, Driving License and Election Card etc.
  • Photocopy of the valid DCB/MCD/NDMC or airport authority of Indian Trade License as well as fee receipt.
  • 2 postcard sized pictures of the site which shows that it will be used as an Eating House
  • Documents which prove that the applicant has legal occupancy of the site of eating house and if there is tenancy then NOC from the landlord which is must be in form of affidavit on a stamped paper (stamp of Rs. 10) must be submitted
  • Last but not the least – Application Form

Registration Fees: -the registration fee which the applicants ought to pay for every credential of registration is Rs. 300. It also provides validity of three years which is subject to duration of license offered by Municipal Health Trade License.

Power To Issue Directions: -there are directions or guidelines which are issued by the Registering Authority, from time to time with an aim to preserve order in different public places etc. All these must be compiled along with a holder of Registration Credential.

Show Cause Notice

The notice “No show cause notice” which cancels the Registration credential can be issued without any permission of Registration Authority. Allotted under the name of Assistant Commissioner of Police, such notice is directly served to applicant and one copy is marked to respective district/local Deputy Commissioner of Police. Duration of fifteen days to show as personal hearing is mainly afforded from date of receipt while the notice is then decided in random cases of 60 days.


Any individual who is aggrieved by the existing orders issued by the registration Authority can lodge an appeal ahead the Police commissioner, with time frame of 30 days from date on which the order is granted/renewed for refusal of Registration is communicated to him.

Validity Of Registration Certificate: -the validity of such period is 3 financial year which is also subjected to duration of health trade license which is approved by respective local civic body.


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