Performance License

Do you need a license to organize an Event?

You need to obtain a performance license in case the event organized by you is one of the following: theatrical, mimetic, dramatic, dancing, musical or any public exhibition or any game or activities that assemble people in large number.

Single Window Facility

With the objective to facilitate the organizers, the licensing branch has introduced single window facility particularly for cases requiring licensed premises. This facility provides one stop solution to all the licensing requirements of the organizer to organize an event. Now, an organizer does not have to obtain separate permission from different agencies viz electricity, fire, traffic, local police and entertainment tax office. They are only required to approach the licensing unit now.


The licensed premises are those places that have undergone scrutiny by the licensing unit and have fulfilled all the safety parameters. Moreover, such premises are required to renew their license only once in a year. This is comfort news for them as they are not required to obtain various clearances for every other event from all the departments. However, there is a clear cut delineation of responsibilities under this system.

Management Responsibility that Avail the Benefit of Single Window Clearance

It is the responsibility of the management of the premises to duly submit NOC to electrical department and fire department in time before they allow any organizer to organize any event. It is the duty of the management of the premises to brief the organizer about the procedures and the affidavit and the requisite application form are made available to the organizer before they book the venue for the event, followed by required receipt.

Responsibility of the Organizer

The organizer of the performance has to take responsibility of the electrical equipment, the ticketing, content of the programme, and other props that will be used in the show. It is the responsibility of the organizer to take appropriate measures to prevent any accident and should not carry out any activity that may lead to explosion or fire.


For organizing an event at licensed premises, following documents are required:

  • No objection certificate from Entertainment tax department (In case tickets are sold at the event).
  • Affidavit to be submitted by applicant on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.10/- duly attested by a Notary Public and Notary stamp of Rs 5/-.
  • Booking slip of the premises.
  • Application form.

Processing of Documents

The applicant/organizer should submit all the documents around one week before the event. The organizer is granted the performance license after thorough examination of the documents. The organizer will be issued a license to sell tickets in case it is a ticket performance. The issue of ticketing license is done at Public Dealing Lounge II on any working day between 9:30 – 12:30.

Special Procedure

Special procedure is required in case the premises have multiple auditoriums. Special attention is given to the following aspects:

  • The application form should specifically mention the expected number of audience / applicants.
  • The auditorium should not have more audience / spectators than the maximum seating capacity and the organizer should give an undertaking in this effect.
  • In case there are two performances in the same day, performance license should be issued such that there is no clash of timings. This is to prevent traffic congestion.
  • In case there are multiple shows on the same day, sufficient time gap should be given between two successive shows. It is the duty of applicant to ensure this thing is taken care of.
  • The organizer will be given a conditional booking slip by the management of the premises. It is the responsibility of the organizer to approach the licensing unit with this slip within ten days, failing which the event booking will be considered as cancelled.
  • In order to ensure free circulation of passes, the management should issue sufficient number of traffic labels, duly stamped and numbered by them. This is required to be done according to the samples provided by the organizer).

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