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The Delhi Police has its own Charter that is dedicated to the service of the Delhi citizens. It is expected of the citizens to inform the office if any term in the charter is not complied to. They can do so by either visiting the office of Delhi Police or through telephone, internet or fax.

How to Reach Delhi Police

What’s a service if it is not accessible to common man? That is why, Delhi Police has various routes through which it can be accessed or reached. Those who wish to visit the Delhi Police office of any unit or District or meet any of the officers in these units can contact them through the following ways:

  • Physical access.          
  • Correspondence.
  • Telephone.
  • Inter-net and e-mail.
  • FAX

Physical Access

Any person who wishes to visit a police station of any district, unit or meet any officer from any of these police stations can do so directly. If a person wishes to visit the police stations to lodge a complaint or do a follow-up of a complaint or know the result or details about a complaint or case can do so by visiting the particular police station.

Annexure “A” gives details of all contact lists that are useful to the common public. The list contains telephone numbers of additional, deputy and joint and assistant police commissioners of various ranges, districts and sub-divisions.

1 Addl. Commissioners of Police / Daily on all working days. (From 12.00 Noon to 2 PM)
Deputy Commissioners of Police
2 S.D.P.Os Daily on all working days. 
(From 3.30 PM to 5.30 PM)
3 S.H.Os Daily 4.00 PM to 5 PM.
4 Addl.DCsP/S.D.P.Os/S.H.Os Once a month on Thana Diwas for hearing the public to sort out their grievances
5 Addl.DCsP/SDPOs/SHOs/Addl.SHOs Once a month with RWAs/MTAs. 

Through Correspondence

Delhi Police has also made it convenient for those who wish to correspond with police officials or stations through writing. Citizens can write to any concerned officer or any senior police officer directly regarding any grievances or complaints. Police stations also have complaint and suggestion boxes where complaints, letters, suggestions, opinions etc can be dropped. Such boxes are also placed at the offices of assistant commissioner of police at their sub-division offices.

Those who wish to receive an acknowledgement of their letters or complaints should do so by handing over these complaints at the police stations wherein they can receive a receipt of the same. Those who wish to send letters or complaints by post can either send to the concerned police officers or police stations directly or else can write to Post Box No. 171 at GPO, New Delhi.

Through Telephone

Though the correspondence route to contacting police stations by writing in can be availed easily, Delhi Police has also made provisions for those who wish to call up a police station on telephone. The telephone number 100 can be called up whenever necessary and whenever police help is required. The call will connect the callers to the Central Police Control Room and help will be ensured as soon as possible.

The Helpline Number 1091 is exclusively for the assistance of women. Women callers can use this helpline to request help or to ask for any assistance. The Police Control Room from where these help lines function will not only provide the necessary help but will also provide any related information and also details about police officers who can be of help to the caller.

Emails and Web Addresses

1.      Commissioner of Police, Delhi e-mail: [email protected]
2.      Official Website of Delhi Police  
3.      Recruitment
4.      Traffic Police
[email protected]
5.      Licensing Branch
6.      Special Police Unit (Women & Children)
7.      MACT Cell
8.      F.R.R.O.
9.      Anti Obscene Call Cell e-mail: [email protected]
10.  Anti-Stalking Cell e-mail: [email protected]
11.  Anti Threat by Recovery Agent’s Cell e-mail: [email protected]
12.  Crime Branch e-mail: [email protected]
13.  ZIPNET (Missing Persons)
14.  Stolen Vehicle Identification Service stolen.htm
15.    Vigilance e-mail:  [email protected]
16.    Senior  Citizens   e-mail: [email protected] 


Women 1091
Senior citizen 1291
Information about crime              1090
Anti Obscene Call Cell / Anti Stalking  Cell 27894455 & 1096
Fax: 27292523
e-mail: [email protected]
Anti Threat by Recovery Agent’s Cell 26184455, 1090
Fax : 26178123
e-mail: [email protected]
Missing Persons Helpline 23241210 & 1094
Traffic Helpline 25844444 & 1095
PCR 100 




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