Protection Issues

Due to the prevalence of highly susceptible situation of children and women, laws and constitution comprises various provisions to safeguard them. The issues that engulf them seriously are

Domestic Violence

If you are financially, sexually, physically, verbally or mentally abused by any male either at you workplace or at home, here is a way for you.

What Can You Do?

Recourse with 498-A or PWDVA of IPC in case of violence executed either by husband or his family members.

The Law Can help you Fight for your Rights

According to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (2005), the victim can file either directly in court or can approach (DLSA) Delhi Legal Service Authority or any legal practitioner to get:

  • Residence Order(section 19 D.V. Act), with this, no one has got the right to throw you out of your home
  • Protection Order (section 18 D.V. Act), with this a protection officer will accompany you
  • Temporary custody for your children (section 21 D.V. Act)
  • Monetary Relief (section 20 D.V. Act), under which you are eligible to get maintenance cost and compensation expenses occurred during violence

How Can the Police Help You?

  • A compliant can be lodged with police under PWDVA, and they should record DIR (Direct Information Report)
  • DIR should be forwarded to Local Magistrate and Protection Officer
  • It is the duty of police to guide you till all the court orders get enforced
  • It is the duty of Police to investigate cognizable offences as par Indian Penal Code like hurt, 498a, Dowry, Rape etc...


Taking or giving dowry is against law. If a husband or his family harasses for any goods, gifts, property or money either you or your family at the time of or after marriage and in case ridiculed you for less dowry, then you can proceed for dowry harassment case.

What Can you do?

  • Recourse in Prevention of Dowry Prohibition Act with a written complaint to Police Authority. You can fight for your rights,
  • Either to demand or to give, the Dowry is handled under 3/4th section of Dowry Prohibition Act (1961)

How can the Police help you?

You should file a case against the accused in order to prosecute as par the law

Cruelty by Husband or In-Laws

If you are experiencing physical or mental violence that resulted in a serious physical or mental injury or in case harassed on the background of dowry,

What can you do?

  • You should give complaint to District Crime against Women Cell, Police Station or SPU W&C, Nanakpura. If it is emergency, you can dial Women Helpline 1091 or 100 and report your abuse.498-A IPC or PWDVA is there to protect you. Husband and his family members are subjected to punishment for harassing you on the background of dowry. There is also an option to negotiate for violence free life at Women Cell
  • A case can be registered at IPC under Section 498-A. you can also take recourse in medication and counseling free at SPUWC.

How can the Police help you?

One receiving the complaint, there will be negotiation between your husband and you for a violence free life. If that doesn’t help, you can approach SPUWC mediators for friendly separation. Even if this fails, you can register criminal case against your husband.


  • Are you are forced for sex without your interest?
  • Did you provide your consent depending on faulty promises?
  • Are you a minor and someone is forcing sexual relation with you?
  • Are you misguided towards sex by some god man or guru?
  • Are you forced by your peer to have sexual relationship?
  • Are you forced into sex with a promise of something favorable in return?

What can you do?

You can call 1091 or 100 in case of immediate help or give a written complaint in nearby Police Station as it is punishable criminal offence under Indian law Section 376 IPC.

You can fight for your rights with the help of law

Section 376 IPC is deployed to register a case and take necessary action. You can keep your identity secret and can avail all medical and mental assistance from Crisis Intervention Centers.

How can the Police help you?

They are trained and equipped to keep up your emotional sanctity. They take care of psychological and social support towards rape victim. The accused is investigated and prosecuted by Police.

Sexual Harassment in Public, Private or the Workplace

Are you exposed to unwanted sexual behavior or gesture? Are you subjected to physical contact or sexually coated remarks or shown illegal pornography or demanded with sexual favors? If your answer is yes, then you are a victim of illegal sexual harassment

What can you do?

You can strictly say no. But it won’t stop on its own. You can file a complaint with Anti-sexual harassment committee at your office and approach nearby Police Station

The Law can help you fight for your Rights

  • IPC Section 354 denote it as offence if one assaults or try criminal force against woman with the aim of destroy her modesty
  • IPC Section 294 denotes it as punishable it anyone does obscene actions or songs against women in public area
  • IPC Section 509 denotes it as offence if anyone does a gesture or utter a word with the aim of insulting the modesty of women
  • The Indecent Representation of Women Act (1986) gives severe punishment for those who represent women in disparaging manner

How can the Police help you?

  • They can take action according to law
  • An FIR can be raised against the accused on the basis of complaint given by you or by Sexual Harassment Committee of you organization/office. The accused is subjected to arrest and prosecution.


If anyone is regularly following you, stands outside your home or office, messaging, calling or harassing you, sending any packages or gifts to you, intimidating you or taking your photograph without your permission,

 What can you do?

You can report to Police

The Law can help you fight for your Rights

  • You can immediately contact any Police officer or Police PCR van
  • Action will be taken according to Section 91/93 and 97 of D.P. Act

How can the Police help you?

  • Call 100 or Anti Stalking helpline 011- 27894455 or send e-mail: [email protected]
  • File a complaint at local Police Station by providing complete description of stalker

Obscene Calls

Is someone calling to you phone or landline with an abuse or threat?

What can you do?

You can file a complaint with nearby Police Station

How can the Police help you?

You can either call 1096 or Delhi Police Anti-Obscene Call Helpline 27894455. Email: [email protected]. One can also forward their objectionable MMS/SMS to 9911135446.


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