Swimming Pool

You have to apply for license to the licensing unit if you desire to maintain a swimming pool.

As per the Union Territory of Swimming Pool Licensing & Controlling Regulation 1980 following documents are required to be submitted all with the application. The license is granted annually till 31st December for each year and has to be renewed every year till 31st December.

To Grant a License, Following Documents are Required

  • Four sets of application on a format prescribed by the licensing unit.
  • Four photographs of the swimming pool of postcard size taken from four different angels.
  • A competent authority should approve the site plan.
  • Copy of proof of lease agreement deed/ownership of land.
  • Four photographs of the applicant, passport size duly attested by a G.O.
  • An authorized laboratory should provide report of water test.
  • Applicant’s residence proof.
  • Applicant should also submit an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 100 along with judicial stamp duty of Rs. 5 attested by the Notary Public.

Once all the documents have been submitted along with the application form, letters are sent to various departments to obtain No Objection Certificate. To obtain a swimming pool license, following NOC are required:

  • From law and order point of view, NOC from district police.
  • From traffic point of view, NOC from concerned traffic police.
  • As per the location of the swimming pool, Trade / health license from DCB or NDMC / MCD.
  • Sports Authority of India Coach should give a recommendation.
  • Concerned district police should give character certificate of the individual.
  • The licensing unit conducts an inspection once all the documents are received by them. The license is granted for a period of one year provided all the hygiene and safety requirements are met.


The owner or the licensee is not allowed to open the swimming pool before 5’o clock in the morning and after 12’o clock midnight, unless otherwise there is a special written permission by the Commissioner of Police.


The concerned person should apply for renewal at least a month before the expiry of the license along with the following documents:

  • Latest report on water test by the authorized laboratory.
  • Recommendation from SAI coach.
  • Current year health trade license from DCB / NDMC / MCD.
  • Rs 5 judicial stamp, self-attested photograph and affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs. 100.

The applicant is granted provisional renewal, since there is a delay in obtaining health trade license. The applicant should, however, submit health trade license by 31st May. This provisional permission is granted for the entire year provided the water test report is given by the licensee every month. Any delay in this is considered unacceptable and call for adverse reactions.

Show Cause Notice

The licensing unit carry out regular inspection particularly during the swimming season. The licensing authority has the right to issue show cause notice in case certain vital short comings are viewed by them. It is the responsibility of the licensee to reply back to the show cause notice within 15 days of its issue. Swimming pool license for an applicant will not be renewed in case there is a pending show cause notice. The licensing unit may also take the decision to vacate the swimming pool if conditions are not met.

Cancellation or Suspension of License

The Commissioner of Police has the right to refuse to renew a license in case it is found that the licensee is not the right person for carrying out such activities, the swimming pool is not maintained in a good condition, and above all the licensee is not able to provide a proper explanation for such an act.


Any person who is not in agreement with the decision of the Licensing Unit may appeal with the Lieutenant Governor within a period of thirty days the communication has been issued.


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