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Delhi Family Courts

Late Shrimati Durga Baee Desmukh was the first person who identified the immediate need to establish family courts in India. This realization came after she visited China in 1953.That was the place where she studied the polity and the working details of the family court. On her return Justice Honourable Mr. Chagla who belonged to the High Court of Bombay along with Justice Honourable Mr. P. Gajaendragadkar sat with her to discuss this issue. This issue was also discussed between herself and Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, India’s Prime Minister back then. A number of women and welfare associations along with several other individuals perused this issue with great zeal and passion which created the pressure to create specialized courts for family issues which would enable the speedy solutions of the cases pertaining to the families. There was special emphasis to create an atmosphere where conciliation would be given preference and shall adopt a suitable and simplistic way to dispose the family related matters in the court swiftly.
In 1974, the commission of Law presented report which also carried several recommendations to set-up special courts where the procedure of rules shall be made similar. The Commission further laid emphasis on the point that these courts shall adopt and also approach the case with sweeping steps different from the already existing courts so that they initiate a process through which the settlement is made before the beginning of the relevant case. In the following year (1975) ‘Committee on the Status of Women’ also suggested that the matters that deal with the families must be dealt separately.

The Family Court Act was passed through the proper parliamentary process and it came in to effect on 14th September 1984. This was created with the main aim to decongest the already heavy courts and to provide a separate and more comfortable environment to deal with the delicate issues pertaining to the families. Confrontation was supposed to be avoided and conciliation became the main aim

The Family Court’s Act of 1984 was unable to implement its clause in Delhi for a vast period ranging over 25 years due to several deep rooted reasons. Honourable Mr. Vijendar Jain headed a committee which was supposed to look after the commissioning of the family courts in Delhi came into effect on the High Court of Delhi in the year 2006. They worked on this issue with great sincerity made the first step towards the realization of this goal. As time flew, the committee gained guidance by the Honourable Mr. Justice B.D. Ahmed along with Honourable Mr. Justice P. Nandrajog at differing time junctions. Lastly, Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. Shah created a special committee in the November of 2008 which comprised of. Justice Hon’ble Mr P. Nandrajog, Honourable Mr. Muralidhhar and Honourable Mr. Justice Manmohan, all were the Delhi High Court’s judges. The Dwarka Complex of the District Court saw the fruit of their zeal and hardwork that the first ever family court started out in 15.05.2009.

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List of Delhi Family Courts in Delhi

  • Dwarka Courts Complex
  • Patiala House Court  Complex
  • Rohini Court  Complex
  • Saket Court Complex

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