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National Commision For Protection Of Child Right

NCPCR the abbreviated name for National Commission for Protection of Child Rights was initiated on March 2007 that was formed under Commission for Protection of Child Rights Act formed in 2005 that was approved by the Parliament of India on December 2005. This act works toward the policies, plans, laws and other acts that are beneficial for the development of children. The children who fall in the age group from newly born to 18 years are benefitted by the development of these acts.

The commission works on the path where children are provided the rights that they deserve and the commission follows the policies and programmes designed by the government of India. The commission also works for each individual state or District or Block where each level is mandate to take care of the all the policies and hence strengthen the growth of these policies in each sphere. The government works such that it goes into depth in getting the information of each household who have children and are need of any support. All such information gathered is shared from various authorities and then is passed to higher authorities.


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