After Arrest

The rules and regulations that are applicable after arrest are to be maintained by both the police and the citizens. This helps in a smooth transition with least chaos and leaves no chance for either the criminal walking away or an innocent getting punished for no cause at all.

The norms that police and the people need to abide by in case the arrest has been made are as follows:

  • The police must produce the accused in front of the appropriate court within 24 hours of making the arrest.
  • At any time during the interrogation, the accused has the freedom to contact and speak to his lawyer.
  • The place of interrogation is very important. It should be identifiable as per the rules of the government. Furthermore, the immediate family must be informed, in detail, about the place where the interrogation is taking place. It should be accessible for both the family and the lawyer, in case they want to reach the accused.
  • The methods of interrogation should advocate the rights of life, dignity and liberty in their entirety. None of the accused should be ripped off from his fundamental rights. Torture and resorting to degrading treatments are not recognized as per the rules of the government.

The accused and the police department should follow the guidelines as stated by the constitution. In case of any discrepancy, either the department or the alleged, both can be brought to the court of law.


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