Road Safety Cell

India has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the transport industry today, due to which connectivity to various places has increased tremendously. Every single person is a road user in one way or the other. Along with connectivity, risk of one’s life has also increased to a great extent due to the large number of road accidents that occur every year. Lakhs of people lose their lives and suffer grievous injuries in these accidents.

A whopping 80,000 people die in India every year due to road accidents. This is about 13% of the fatality rate all over the world. In most of the cases, the driver of the vehicle is the reason for the crash. Carelessness of the driver coupled with the lack of awareness of the road user has contributed immensely towards these road accidents.

Road users must learn about the various road safety rules and regulations and be aware of the traffic signals. Most of the road users learn these rules either through formal or informal education. In India, the importance of learning road safety rules through formal techniques is often not realised as there is a perceived misconception about the simplicity of lessons being taught in these courses.

In order to spread road safety awareness among the general public and to teach them to be conscious on the road, the Delhi Traffic police established the Road Safety Cell during 1972 through its educational department. In addition to teaching the general public about the road safety rules, this cell also trains technically competent people who help the public in terms of crisis. The training programme has been established to cover a large span of audience – right from the pedestrian to the driver.

Target Groups

  • All drivers of commercial vehicles like trucks, buses etc
  • Students
  • Common pedestrians
  • Drivers of bicycles and motor cycles
  • Drivers of auto rickshaws
  • Drivers of government vehicles

Educational Programmes

  • Training programs for all the sections of target audience above
  • Conducting road safety marches and campaigns
  • Street shows
  • Painting, quiz, essay and elocution competitions emphasising on road safety
  • Road safety pamphlets distribution

Mode of Education

The Road Safety Cell of the Delhi Traffic police will be using the following techniques to spread awareness about road safety among the Delhi citizens:

  • Films
  • Lectures and seminars
  • Mobile vans conducting exhibitions on road safety
  • Distributing road safety pamphlet
  • Pedestrians, cyclists, out-patient department patients etc. to be given immediate help
  • Cycles to get reflective types fixed on them
  • Collaborating with NGOs to conduct awareness camps on road safety rules
  • Collaborating with trade and transport organisations to conduct road shows
  • Public Announcement Systems used to spread awareness

Other Activities

  • Delhi Police Drivers to get regular health check-ups at camps, free of cost
  • Developing pamphlets about road safety
  • Collaborating with the IITF to hold road safety exhibitions at Pragati Maidan every year

Using festivals like Diwali to conduct exhibitions, road shows and health camps to improve road safety awareness


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