Objectives of Delhi Police

  • The main aim of the Delhi Police is to uphold and maintain law strictly and with utmost fairness.
  • It is the responsibility of the Delhi Police to prevent any and all type of crimes.
  • It remains one of the main objectives of Delhi Police to track and bring to justice all those who break law and cause harm to society.
  • The Delhi Police also endeavours to establish peace in society in conjunction with community or communities.
  • It is the constant endeavour of Delhi Police to be of any assistance to people at any step and protect and reassure them of their safety and security.
  • The Delhi Police has to undertake all these responsibilities with honesty, sensibility, sound judgement and integrity.
  • The Delhi Police officials have to be accessible to the common public and they have to be kind, compassionate, polite, patient and courteous. They have to carry out their duties fearlessly and should act without prejudice or partiality.
  • At any point of time or under any circumstances, the Delhi Police personnel have to be utmost professional, calm and composed, restrained and responsible.
  • It will be their constant effort to instil confidence in people by allaying their fears.
  • The priorities and objectives of Delhi Police will always reflect in their due actions and each step they take.
  • The Delhi Police also constantly strives to bring in changes that are helpful in carrying out their duties towards general public and it will always be their sincere attempt to respond positively and constructively to any criticism or opinion.

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