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Guidelines For Foreigners Visiting Delhi

The team of Delhi police believes in providing you with a most memorable Delhi trip. The Police department is committed to ensure you have a safe stay in Delhi.

  • The foreign travellers are advised to keep their wallet either inside jacket pocket or in the front trouser pocket. It is never advised to be carried in the rear pocket.
  • Do not carry excessive cash or many credit cards in the wallets.
  • Try to place all your valuables and important documents like passport in a safe deposit locker in your hotel rooms. Also, never leave these items openly in the hotel rooms.
  • Do not invite any strangers into your hotel rooms. Do not permit any unauthorised maintenance staff or voluntary staffs. In case you have some suspicions, immediately contact the help desk.
  • Prior to fixing an appointment with a client, enquire his complete details and also carry out adequate research about the company he is representing. Always fix an appointment at a public place like restaurant and avoid close rooms.
  • Always deposit your luggage at an authorised luggage counter in your hotel. Also, ensure that the luggage is handed over to a staff member of the hotel. Collect valid receipt for the entire luggage deposited.
  • Once you arrive at the airport, try to take assistance from the "May I help you" counter located at the main "Arrival Hall".
  • Always give preference to pre-paid Taxi services as it offers better security measures.  This system also ensures that you are not cheated by the taxi drivers on the fare as you pay authorised fares approved by the Delhi Transport Authority.
  • There are several police officers deployed at airports entrance, railway stations and important tourist destinations. Tourists can avail their help in case of requirements and emergencies.   Tourists are encouraged to provide all available information about suspicious characters to the Delhi police departments to serve them better and avoid any untoward incidence.
  • There are many police officers patrolling the important locations in plain clothes to nab the suspicious characters.   
  • Book your hotel rooms and transport facilities well in advance through a reputed tour operators. Do not take advice and entertain Taxi Drivers. Utilise the facilities available at Delhi Tourism information counters across the city and do not depend on any unauthorised person for room bookings and cab bookings.
  • In case of requirement of legal help or police assistance dial 100 from the nearest available telephone. There is absolutely no need to tolerate misbehaviours and harassments.

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