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Cyber Frauds

What To Do To Prevent Cyber Frauds

  • The password must be combination of alphanumeric characters and must not be shared with anyone else. Passwords must be changed time to time.
  • Protect the computer with internet services with modern security software and hardware.
  • Neglect any spam mails.
  • Prevent keeping any information that is personal, profound and fiscal on the computer.
  • Prevent sharing bank account details with anyone to prevent online bank frauds.
  • Never respond to e-mails that demands money.
  • Prevent falling prey to any e-mails that are deceptive.
  • Make sure before signing for any offer through internet and by making a check on the companies or institution with which any contract is being signed.
  • Carefully go through the RBI guidelines in the issues related to financial matters.
  • Don’t share any credit card information with anyone and don’t give the credit card to anyone unknown. Sign for the mobile internet facility related to bank accounts and credit card transactions.
  • Update the computer with latest firewall.

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