Traffic Warden

Traffic Wardens are a must to ensure smooth traffic flow. They ensure public cooperation and support in making roads safe for everyone and also for efficient traffic management.

They have various duties and responsibilities. They are as follows:

Duties and Responsibilities of Traffic Wardens

  • The Traffic Wardens connects the local community with the Traffic Police. Thus, they act in two ways. One they provide a better understanding about local community to the traffic police and let the common public understand about the problems and duties of the Traffic Police.
  • They have to assist Traffic Police in various situations and ways, one is by monitoring traffic movements and other by supervising and observing road situations and offering suggestions as and when necessary.
  • If they encounter any kind of irregularities and violation or disobedience of law, they have to report them immediately to their supervisors so that strict action can be initiated as soon as possible.
  • The Traffic Wardens have to pitch in to regulate traffic as and when required.
  • The Traffic Police holds drives from time to time to appraise locals about their rules and regulations as well as accept suggestions from the community in order to provide a more efficient traffic management system. The Traffic Wardens have to involve and offer their services for such educational drives.
  • The Traffic Wardens have to play the role of motivating guides as well. For this, they have to interact both with adults and children regularly from time to time and keep them updated about road safety awareness tips and knowledge.
  • It is the duty of the Traffic Wardens to provide help to road accident victims.
  • The Traffic Wardens have also to pitch in to help pedestrians in crossing and also guide them about safety tips on walking on footpaths.
  • The Traffic Warden have to guide and advise road users regarding traffic rules and help them to follow these rules.
  • The Traffic Wardens have to ensure that no violation of traffic rules or regulations takes place at any point of time and that these rules are observed and practised effectively by all.
  • They have to be of help to Traffic Police and other Police in times of festivals and similar occasions where there is a chance of gathering of heavy crowd, to maintain law and order.
  • They have to be of help to police in managing traffic flow, also to guide and train public to follow traffic rules diligently.
  • The Traffic Wardens are expected to pitch in at least 3 hours two days a week to regulate traffic at any stipulated main crossing. They, will also have to assist traffic police as per the latter’s requirements in times of emergency or any urgent situations or occasions.
  • The Traffic Wardens are considered to be custodians of law and as those who help law makers maintain law and order situation in terms of traffic. Hence they are expected to be disciplined, honest and of high calibre. They have powers but they are expected to use them only for the good of the public. If they are caught misusing their power at any time, then the higher Traffic authorities can cancel their appointment in no time. There is no need for any prior information to do the same. If any warden is found to have committed any serious offence, they will be tried as per law and rules.
  • This is a voluntary service and hence the wardens are not given any statutory powers.
  • All the reports that they submit in cases of traffic violations or any other offences, these will be dealt with the Traffic Police and only they will initiate the action.
  • Since the traffic wardens are on the field all the time, they have a direct contact with road conditions and others. Hence, they are entitled to offer any suggestions or comments on the road situations.
  • The traffic wardens have to set an example before the public by their proper conduct. Hence they should obey all rules, especially traffic rules. They should not involve in any action that might damage the reputation of the Traffic Police. Any misconduct that is not appropriate to their post such as false reporting or any such action is not expected from traffic wardens.
  • The Traffic Wardens are a bridge between the locals and the Traffic Police. Hence, they have to be on their best behaviour always and should be bound by a spirit of service, dedication and service both to the police institution and to the community.
  • The Traffic Wardens can enlist their services for achieving the objectives of road safety any time, even if they have not been asked for it officially. It is their duty to offer their services any time to ensure road safety any time, any day.

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