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Tips Against Crime And Terrorism

Simple tips to fight Crime & Terrorism

The major numbers that can be contacted when in a situation of crisis or disaster are 100 and 1091. The detailed information must be given at these numbers in case of suspicions over any person or thing and the must wait until any help from the police is given.
  • If you are a car dealer:
    • Study thoroughly about the background of the parties whether it is buyer or seller before concluding deal.
    • Gather possible identification documents and there copies from parties and preserve them.
    • Try to have as much possible knowledge if any party is interested in buying especially the Ambassador car or the Motorcycles since these types of vehicles are majorly used during any kind of terrorist attacks.
  • If you are a landlord or a property dealer:
    • In case letting any property on rent, buying or selling; get all the identification details of the party.
  • If you own a Guest House, Lodge or a Hotel:
    • Preserve identification document of the guest.
    • In case of suspicion call police at 100.

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