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Guidelines For Bus And Truck Drivers

These vehicles, namely bus and truck, are categorised as heavy vehicles. Their driving space is the leftest corner of the road. There is also a particular speed limiting device which must be fitted to govern the maximum speed of these vehicles wiz 40 km/hr. These buses and trucks are not allowed to overtake vehicles of any nature. The drivers of the buses are advised to continue driving within the prescribed lane and to stop for boarding and debarring at the demarcated box. Other buses are cautioned to follow a line and stop one behind another. It is never acceptable to be in a position where two buses stand parallel to one another on a road.

Guidelines for Bus and Truck Drivers Regarding Towing and Loading

  • The carrying load should not exceed the limit set by your permit.
  • The trailer or vehicle shall not be loaded beyond capacity. The manufacturer’s guidance of maximum weight shall be followed.
  • The load must be in a secure state and should not cause danger by hanging out.
  • There must be a proper method of placing the stuff in the trailer. It must be made sure that the heavier things in the truck or trailer are placed right over the axle and a downward trail of weight should be followed. This would ensure greater security and control over the vehicle in most cases.

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