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Qualifications Of Mediator

The High Court, District and Sessions Judges are eligible to set up a team for choosing a suitable mediator according to the 2004 Mediation and Conciliation Rules (Rule 3). Rule 4 describes that a mediator or a conciliator should possess the following qualifications to be recruited:

  • He should have retired from the post of Supreme Court’s Judge.
  • He should have retired from any post of being High Courts’ Judge.
  • He should have retired as District & Sessions Judge or from any higher Judicial Service in Delhi.
  • Current District & Sessions Judge of an Officer in the higher Judicial Service.
  • Practicing lawyers with a minimum of 10 years of practice in the court of Supreme Court, High Courts or District Court.
  • Other assertive and professionally qualified people who have around 15 years of experience.
  • Practicing experts in the field of mediation, counselling or conciliation.

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