Guidelines For Cyclists

A survey conducted during 2003 revealed that Delhi had witnessed a whopping 772 accidents involving cyclists. Out of these, 171 turned out to be fatal and around 646 resulted in the cyclists suffering grievous injuries. Therefore, the following rules have been devised for the Delhi cyclists.

Cycling On Roads

  • Before you set out to ride your cycle, check the following:
    • A straight line to be maintained while driving for 10m.
    • Your balance of stopping suddenly without falling.
    • Use one hand for giving hand signals while driving.
    • Ability to turn with ease as you look at your back over your shoulders.
  • Before taking your cycle on the road, be sure of the following:
    • Bright colours like yellow, orange, white or the like should be used for your cycle to increase visibility.
    • Pedals, wheel spokes, front and rear mudguard of your cycle should contain reflectors.
    • Both the brakes should be in proper working condition
    • Cycle bell should be in a ringing condition.
    • Adjustable and comfortable seats so that you can balance your feet on the ground easily.
  • While riding your cycle on the road, you should wear the following:
    • Helmet designed for cyclists that are made of lightweight thermocol.
    • Suitable clothes that don’t hamper your body movement or that get caught between the wheels, chain or ones that disturb your headlights.
    • Clothes that are light in colour and have fluorescent shades that are easily visible even during the dark or in conditions of poor daylight.
    • Using reflective objects on clothes or accessories like armband, belt etc. while driving during the night.
  • While riding your cycle on the road, you should follow the rules below:
    • Place both the hands on the handlebar when driving, except at the time of giving hand signals.
    • Position both your feet on the pedal at all times.
    • Never drive at more than two abreast.
    • In case of cycle lanes, always ensure you use them.
    • Don’t get too close to any vehicle in front of you. Always maintain a reasonable distance.
    • Refrain from carrying heavy objects that may either affect your balance or may get caught between the wheels or chains.
    • Don’t use main and important roads that are prone to heavy traffic always.
    • When you are entering into the main traffic from a small lane, parking area, drive way or bus, wait to watch the road first. Drive only when you think it is safe and clear.
    • When there is traffic on the road, always use the left side of the road.
    • Take care while driving next to a parked car, as there is a high probability of a door opening suddenly.
    • Ensure you follow the traffic signs, rules and regulations during all times on the road.
    • When you are want to turn right at a particular crossing point, stop, look back from shoulder and give way for vehicles coming at your back and then turn.
    • Refrain from halting your cycle at crossings meant for pedestrians.
    • Refrain from riding your cycle on footpaths, as only pedestrians should use it.
    • Don’t try to over-take a vehicle that is moving ahead of you. If you really think you have to, do so, only if that particular driver has given you the go-ahead through a hand signal.
    • Avoid over-taking a vehicle that is about to turn.
    • When you see a traffic light, follow it religiously. If you don’t, you have to pay penalty. You are also putting your life at risk by doing so.
    • If you spot a “no entry” sign in front of a road, avoid using it.
    • At zebra crossings, slow down your vehicle to a great extent. You have to stop immediately when you spot pedestrians crossing here.
    • Try to understand the hand signals given by drivers at your front and back and start giving the same to your fellow-drivers.
    • Always show a signal when you want to turn. Slowly move towards the left, reduce your pace and let your fellow-drivers know of your intention.
    • Never cross the road suddenly or use the wrong side to drive as it may turn fatal for you.

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