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Delhi Armed Police

An Additional Commissioner of Police is in charge of the ten Battalions of the Delhi Armed Police. However, a shocking state of affairs has been revealed through a scrutiny of its functioning, according to which, the Delhi Armed Force does on function like the traditional Para-military forces such as the BSF or CRPF. Ideally, each Battalion, under the charge of a Commandant equivalent to a DCP, has 8/9 Companies. Three Assistant Commissioners of Police act as Supervisory Officers and the Inspectors as Company Commanders. However, in actual practice, the deployment of Force in Delhi is sent number wise, that is, a fixed number of Sis, Head Constables. Constables and so on instead of Company or platoon battalion wise. Moreover, at the Police Stations, there is inter-changeability between DAP and Normal Delhi Police at every level. As a result, DAP is being utilised like reserve lines are utilised in other states. This has greatly affected the utility and efficiency of DAP. Another shocking revelation was that during the riots, when the force was sent on duty none of the Assistant Commissioners of Police or Battalion Commandants commanded it. It is regrettable that the supervisory staff didn’t go out with the force.


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