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Delhi Commision For Protection Of Child Rights

  • The right named as Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) has been categorized under the Commission for Provision of Child Rights Act of 2005 for supporting the children of Delhi who are of the age below 18. The work of the commission is to scrutinize and evaluate the precautions that must be taken to protect the rights of the child and mention the procedures that could be implemented for the benefits of children; provide the government with the current status report and the annual report; investigate the matters where the rights of the child have been violated and further commend the instigation of  events that must happen in such cases; look in to the factors that can hinder the children from being affected with problems like terrorism, disaster, child trafficking, exploitation, prostitution, violence, HIV/AIDS, mal-treatment and pornography.
  • The other activity to be performed by the commission is to endorse the curative methods; get involved into the matters that are linked to children who require special attention and also protect them from any kind of suffering and ostracized, children who are held for any law, children who don’t have any family and children who belong to any prisoner by implementing corrective actions.The other activity in which this commission is involved in reviewing the accords, international implementations, policies of the government, organization of programs that are beneficial for the rights of the child and also endorse the implementations that prove effective for the children.
  • The commission also has the power to encourage the research programs, literary programs and raising alertness that speak about the rights of the children and to spreads the awareness through publications, media, seminars etc. The commission also holds the right to scrutinize any of the juvenile’s homes that are either run by the government or the social organizations to guarantee that the juvenile’s homes work properly as per the rules and policies of the commission. In case any dispute is found the commission has the right to take appropriate action against the juvenile homes.
  • The other rights reserved by the commission is to take up the actions on the inquiry on the complaints and can take the matters like
  • Deficit and Desecration of the rights of the child
  • Non practice of laws that guard the security of development of the children
  • Non acquiescence of the policies, decisions, rules and advices that work toward providing reprieve to the children who stay at the juvenile houses.
  • The commission when is working for the inquiry of the matter reserve all the rights that of a civil court that works under the code of civil procedures of 1908 in lieu of following matters:-
    • Bidding and Imposing the presence of any person and later let him take the oath
    • Producing the document for proof
    • Obtaining the affidavits as the substantiation
    • Summonsing the public records or obtaining it’s copy from the court
    • Issuing the commission with the document for the inspection.
  • The other powers that the commission has to advance the case to Magistrate who have the powers to implement the control. The Magistrate has all the powers to work on the proceedings of the case and take actions against the suspect with the case listed under section 346 Cr.P.C. 1973.
  • The Commission is the body who has the powers to implement below mentioned actions after the investigation is completed:-
    • At the point where the investigation has been unveiled if the commission isn’t satisfied with the offense happened against the rights of child then they can endorse it to the government or the authority responsible to further instigate the matter for trial
    • They can also further move to High Court or Supreme court

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