Child Trafficking

Things to Know

  • Child trafficking is a defilement of fundamental rights.
  • A trafficked child is at risk of being molested physically, mentally or emotionally or child labour.
  • It can be at both national and international level.

Combating Child Trafficking

  • Systematic scrutiny at the prominent places like railway stations, bus terminus, state and country border checking points can lessen the risk of child trafficking.
  • Making the concerned authorities and personnel aware about the sensitivity of the situation.
  • Continuous links with the law agencies of other states to keep track on the child trafficking in particular areas or history of different traffickers.
  • Joint work of the law executing groups, NGOs, media and other concerned departments or groups to fight against child trafficking.
  • Keeping track and watching the activities of the hiring agencies.

Risk Assessment

As mentioned in the “Direct assistance on Trafficking” book written by International Organization for Migration the risk of trafficking could be assessed on the amount of help being rendered to the trafficking victim. The valuation of the risk is one of the relevant operations to be done to assess the type and level of security to be provided to the trafficked victim. General Risk valuations have been listed below:-

Generic Risk Assessment

For assessing the risk of trafficking the following pointers can prove beneficial thus by taking preventions:-

  • The degree of trafficking cases in particular area.
  • Magnitude of trafficking being planned by controlled criminal trafficking groups.
  • Volume of law executing assistance in the area.
  • Level of venality

Specific Risk Assessment

  • The victim who get escape may be again at the risk of trafficking.
  • Risk multiplies if victim liaises with the traffickers.
  • If the trafficker get aware of the moments of the victim like moment of planned visit to court, hospital, observation home etc. the risk for the victim increases.

What should we do when we see a trafficked child?

  • A case can be registered under IPC sections, Juvenile Justice Act, 2000 and the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act by the authorized police personnel.
  • A child who has been tried to be trafficked need to be made available before the Child Welfare Committee along with the person who was trying to traffic the child by the police personnel.
  • The Missing Person Squad must be contacted by the police to obtain any information regarding any report of the child being missed.
  • Making the child ease both physically and mentally by providing them the required aid be referring to professionals like psychologists who could help child overcome the trauma of experiencing trafficking.


Take an immediate action by reporting any trafficking incident to the police. Below mentioned are the pointers that may prove any kind of trafficking activity:-

  • Receiving calls from any unknown source.
  • Recurring blank calls from unknown number.
  • Viewing unknown person or unknown vehicle again and again nearby to the residential area.
  • The victim being followed by unknown person or any professional persons who are known to be part of child trafficking.

Important Legislations

  • Immoral Traffic Prevention Act.
  • Juvenile Justice Act.

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