Child Marriage

There are two different scenarios that can be listed under the Child marriage being practiced in the society and one of them being is marriage of a young child that generally is a girl to an older person who is a man.

The other scenario is where the marriage of the young children is arranged by the parents when their children are of very young age to be married later when they grow old. In this case the two children who have been engaged are not allowed to meet until the day of their wedding. In this case the marriage actually happens at the mentioned marriageable age. Most of the culture in this case considers adolescence the appropriate age for marriage.

The practice of child marriage in many communities prevails since very long but this practice is being seen getting demolished in the current times. The knowledge of human rights that are either the rights of women or child rights have made people to stop this practice and thus has significantly demolished since it is not considered to be favorable for the children of young age. During the current times, the child marriage is only being practiced in the places where they still belief it to be a cultural practice and the practice of child marriage till today has the effect on the living enhancements of the family in the society.

There are many intentional benefits of the child marriage and one of them is to have a political benefit by marrying the child of different states and thus forming a bond. This can be seen as the marriage between the children who belong to royal families and thus establishing marriage of the child of a weaker power to a child who belongs to a strong power family or neighboring stronger state thus making the weaker power state to fit in to stronger part. If child marriages have been a legal practice then the weaker section of the society would have taken the advantage of marrying their young child to a person with higher financial status and thus gaining benefit for themselves and their future generations.

In the practice of this so called child pact, the parents of the children solely become the decision makers of their children at young age. The family’s belief that marriages must not be solemnized on the basis of physical attraction between two people rather it is for the status of the families.

The major gain of the child marriage by the families is to enhance their financial status or the political status by marrying their children. The engagement of the children at young age is considered as the pact between the families and children who have been engaged. In case the engagement is called off at any point of time, it can bear severe impacts on both the families and the children who have been engaged unconcern.


Many states like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and Karnataka have been taking steps to demolish this practice of child marriage by making it compulsory to register the marriage legally in court. These states also practice mass marriages that may have children being married which get ignored by the concerned authorities.

National Plan of Action for Children 2005 have been taking proper actions to completely demolish the practice of child marriage till the year 2010 but since the population of the country has been increasing significantly hence it gets impossible to monitor each and every child of the country for their rights.


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