HAQ Centre For Child Rights

Working for the protection, promotion and recognition of children’s rights, HAQ believes that the rights and concerns of the children need to be mainstreamed towards the focus area which aims in the developmental planning of children. These must be put in action and should become prominent indictor for development.

To make its work progressive, this center undertakes immense amount of research and documentation. HAQ is very actively engrossed in educating the public on the rights of the children. They also aim to serve as an efficient resource as well as support base for those groups and individuals who deal with children of all ages at different levels. They not just impart information and certain kinds of referral services while also provide training of different capacities aiming towards the building of all those who work with children on issues which concern them.

Since the last 9 years, HAQ has worked on different areas of children and governance, juvenile justice, child trafficking, abuse of children and violence. HAQ even offers legal support to the children who are in dire need. It also helps the children who at times become victims of abuse which are conflicting with the law.

Apart from enhancing the skills for prompt and incisive scanning of the policy documentations, commenting on them and developing the databases by means of documenting and extensive research, it has made it mandatory working with the present networks, creating alliances, creating partnerships with different stakeholders and actors like the media, lawyers, judges, parliamentarians, and bureaucrats.


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