Amusement Park

Are you in need of an Amusement Parks Premises License?

If you are planning to start an amusement park and set up its complete structure, you will be required to apply for a premises license as per the Regulations for Licensing & controlling places of Public Amusement, 1980.

Policies and Procedures governing the grant of new Amusement Park permission 

Step 1

  • Attaining No Objection Certificate for construction

Anyone who is keen to build an Amusement Park, at any location of his choice by any name for providing entertainment and amusement to the public or wants to convert an already existing premise into an amusement park is required to apply through a written application. The applicant is required to specify his intentions clearly indicating whether the permission is for temporary amusement park or Permanent Park. The application for the amusement park is to be submitted on a normal plain paper and it should come with a complete plan or blue print of premises in four copies. The blue print should clearly indicate the presence of schools, hospitals, petrol pump, place of worship, overhead power cables and surrounding roads up to a distance of 60 meters in all the direction.

  • Certificate indicating the applicant’s proof of ownership.
  • It is essential for the person intending to set up an amusement park to put up a notice (Form A) on the site in 120X90 cmsq dimension, which can be easily seen. The board should clearly bring out his intentions in Hindi, English and local language till the time licensing authority does not decide upon the matter. The Notice should be clearly visible and in plain language for easy understanding.
  • It is the responsibility of licensing authority to check on all matters related to the proposed site with the concerned Executive Engineer Officer.
  • Licensing authority carries out thorough vetting of all documents and consults all concerned authorities. It then issues a Certificate Form C indicating No objection in terms of location of premises as intimated by applicant as per Regulation 3.
  • The licensing authority has full authority to either grant or reject the permission of construction on the proposed site subject to legal issues.

Step 2

  • Procedure for obtaining Building Permission

  • No one is permitted to build up any structure or building or alter any existing building without obtaining prior written permission from licensing authority.

Procedure to be followed for obtaining building permission

  • An application supported by original NOC issued by Licensing Authority is required to be submitted.
  • The application should provide exhaustive information regarding elevation, section n measurements. It should also contain plans indicating cardinal points. The building plans and drawings should be made using distinctive colors which helps in easy differentiation between various materials used. Also, various measurements like staircase height, width of doors and galleries needs to be clearly marked. The dimensions of the various independent structures need to be mentioned. The plan should clearly bring out the ventilation and exit points. The plans should be designed by a qualified architect and engineer who will then issue a certificate stating that the designs are accurate and legally correct.
  •  The complete plans then moves to the concerned Executive Engineer for approval. The applicant should carry out all the addition, modifications and alterations as instructed by Executive engineer for final approval. The license gets approved only after the changes demanded by the executive engineer are carried to.
  • The final permission to carry out construction work is provided by licensing authority. This validity of the license is two years from date of issue or as per the extended duration provided by Licensing authority
  • It is not permitted to undertake any alteration, addition or modification to the existing plans without obtaining a written permission from licensing authority after carrying out discussion with concerned Executive Engineer.
  • Licensing Authority reserves the right to reject the issue of license to set up a premise. This generally happens in cases where the building is not constructed as per the guidelines, specifications and approved plans.

Step 3

  • Procedure for obtaining Premises License for Amusement Park

The following are the prerequisite with the Application for obtaining Premises License.

  • A declaration indicating the interest and fondness of applicant in obtaining the Premises.
  • The details containing names of Managers who the licensee intents to nominate.
  • The details including complete address and names of person appointed as overall in charge of electrical installation of the premises.
  • Original copy of the No Objection Certificates mentioned above.
  • A Report submitted by the Building Executive Engineer stating that the building is as per the provisions and policies governing.  He is also required to submit the total number of seats and accommodations catered by the premises.
  • No Objection Certificate issued by Electrical Inspector stating that all electrical installations of the premises are as per the electricity safety rules and other regulations in this regard.
  • No Objection Certificate issued by Health Officer of the Municipal department stating there are no problem areas in and around the premises from the Health angle.
  • No Objection Certificate by the Fire Services stating the premises is equipped with fire safety appliances and has adequate emergency exits for safe evacuation in the event of fire outbreak.
  • In case the premises are provide with swimming pool, a No Objection Certificate is to be taken from SAI COACH for water.
  • No Objection Certificate by the Police Department stating there are no legal issues at the premises.
  • No objection Certificate from the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) certifying there is no traffic issue with the set up of the new premises.
  • Verification of Character and ancestors of the applicant by the license issuing office.

Licensing Authority after receiving the above mentioned certificates and NOCs provides the applicant with Premises License on the terms, conditions, restrictions and regulations. These are exclusively determined by Licensing Authority. The premises License is issued in the Annexure D of Form -"D" after endorsing any alterations or additions which is considered essential. It also has the right to reject the issue of license if the authority feels that the premises may cause risk, obstruction, hindrance, inconvenience or any other problems to the nearby inhabitants.

DURATION OF LICENSE: License issued for a premise on permanent nature has to be renewed on the last day of the calendar year i.e. on 31st Dec. However, temporary premises license is granted for a maximum period of three months whenever applied for. 


In order to renew the Premises License, the previous license has to be submitted at Licensing Authority office prior to completion of 1 year after expiry. The license intended for renewal should contain the below mentioned documents attached.

  • No Objection Certificate from the Department of Fire
  • No Objection Certificate from Department of Health
  • No Objection Certificate from Electricity Department
  • No Objection Certificate from Building and town planning Department.
  • No Objection Certificate issued by Auto Engineer
  • In case swimming pool is provided, No Objection Certificate has to be issued by SAI Coach for water.

On submission of the above mentioned license and No objection certificates from various departments the Licensing Authority on a Form 'D' renews the Premises License. This renewal is again subjected to various conditions, terms and conditions and restrictions which are in vogue from time to time.


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