Guidelines For Bus Commuters

Bus users should not get into or get down from a moving bus. While getting into the bus, passengers should maintain a neat queue so that unnecessary rushing and pushing is avoided. Once you get into the bus, you should display your best behaviour as too much of shouting can disturb the driver and divert his focus. While getting into the bus, hold the handrail always when the bus is in motion, refrain from standing on the footboard and ensure that you do not put your hand or other body parts outside the window when the bus is in motion or in standing position.

Follow the below rules if you are a bus commuter:

  • Never disturb the driver once you get into the bus. If you have any queries or complaints, wait till the bus stops or ask them to the driver before the bus starts.
  • While inside the bus, you should be at their best behaviour at all times, so that your actions do not disturb the driver or your fellow-passengers.
  • The bus driver must stop only at the designated stops during the course of journey.
  • If you are not following the rules and regulations properly or if the bus driver thinks that your actions are disturbing him or fellow-travellers, then you will be asked to get down from the bus right at that moment.
  • When you enter the bus, ensure that you present your valid ticket to the driver.
  • If you have not purchased a valid ticket, then the bus driver will not allow you to travel in the bus.

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