Tourist Police

Lakhs of tourists visit Delhi every year. Since Delhi is also a transit point, many tourists have to make a stop at Delhi to continue their journeys. In a foreign location, a tourist may face many problems and issues which can be pertaining to their transport and accommodation or getting information on stay or visits. Many a times, they also face security threats or face cheats or robbers who might rob them off their valuables. The Delhi Police is aware of the problems faced by tourists and hence they have deployed assistance in the following locations:

  • IGI Airport
  • New Delhi Railway Station
  • Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station
  • Raj Ghat
  • Red Fort
  • Qutub Minar
  • Palika Bazar
  • Janpath
  • India Gate
  • Pahar Ganj (Railway Station Side)

Objectives of the Tourist Police are

  • The Tourist Police have to ensure that tourists do not face any sort of harassment or trouble from touts.
  • The Tourist Police will have to assist tourists in getting transport and accommodation at reasonable rates at places like railway station, airports, eminent tourist locations, malls, etc.
  • The Tourist Police will also have to ensure the safety of life and belongings of tourists, keeping them safe from robbers and pickpockets.
  • The Tourist Police also have to take adequate and proper measures to contain crimes like eve-teasing, harassment, molestation, pick pocketing and more.
  • The Traffic Police have to send out detailed and relevant information related to Delhi and other tourist places in and near the Capital.

Duties of the Traffic Police

  • The Tourist Police will have to give relevant information to tourists, be it about the location and address of the places they wish to visit and guide them regarding the available and appropriate transport to reach the destination.
  • The Tourist Police will also have to help tourists in getting tickets for any place they wish to visit like museums, movies or transports. The Police will also have to take adequate measures to protect tourists from any cheats or black marketers.
  • Tourists often face harassment from drug peddlers and beggars and others who try to sell things to them. In such a case, the Tourist Police will have to take measures to keep such people away from tourists so that they can enjoy their stay without having to face any harassment.
  • It is also expected of the Tourist Police to help the tourists in any unseen circumstances and be of help to them in case of any problem or hurdles.
  • The Police will also have to give adequate information regarding the banks in the area and locations of art and culture, Handicraft and other emporia’s, book stalls or any place of importance that might of interest to the tourist.
  • The Police will have to guide the tourists on important matters related to law and order and keep them appraised about any security threats or hazards and even inform them about places where medical help will be available in case of any emergency.
  • Some of the most important services that are of help to any tourist are information regarding passport, residential permits, currency exchange rates and centres and other immigration issues. The Tourist Police have to be always ready to provide such important information and be of assistance to tourists any time.
  • If a tourist needs help in any emergency cases such as any sickness, falling prey to any theft or physical assault or even involving themselves in any criminal matters, the Tourist Police will have to help the tourists sort out such matters and help them in such situations.
  • Knowing about local customs and traditions will allow a tourist to look at the country more positively and he will have a pleasant experience staying in that place. The Tourist Police will have to provide such important information to tourists.

Tourist guidelines issued by Delhi Tourist Police

While Delhi Tourist Police has taken adequate measures to make the stay of tourists in Delhi as smooth as possible, they have also asked assistance from the tourists to make their job of protecting the tourists easier. Hence, the tourists are expected to follow certain guidelines and safety instructions.

  • Pickpocketers are rampant everywhere. Hence, the tourists are expected to keep their wallets either in the side pockets of their trousers or inside their jackets. Try not to keep wallets in rear pocket as that makes it very easy for thieves to lift the wallets and run away.
  • If you are carrying a pocketbook, either wrap it around your bag with a long strap or place in the bend of the elbow. Hold them close to the body. It is better if you can carry cash and credit cards in your pockets.
  • If you are seated in a restaurant or in a public place, see to it that your pocketbooks are placed on your lap. Do not dangle it on your chair or place it in adjacent seats. While visiting shops and malls too, keep it with yourself and do not having on hooks anywhere, be it in bathroom or any fitting room. Someone may just pick it up easily within a second and by the time you notice it, the crook must have escaped.
  • There are few safety measures to be followed in the hotels where you stay. If you are leaving the room, then it is better you do not carry jewelry and passports with you all the time. Just ask the hotel authorities for a safe deposit box and keep these valuable items here. Do not leave them in your room, not even in the cupboards of the room. Also make it a point to travel light and not carry huge amounts of cash.
  • Do not run to open the hotel room door every time it rings. It can be a crook or a false person. Check if it is indeed staff from the hotel. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call up the hotel authorities or the hotel reception.
  • If an appointment is on with a client or anyone else, do a background research of the company and if possible, about the person. Never meet any client in an isolated place or inside closed doors. Choose a public place such as a restaurant or a coffee house.
  • When handing over the luggage to a hotel staff just choose one person and never hand over luggage to two or more hotel staff. Also ensure that you get a receipt in terms of any stored luggage. Always be near your luggage at air ports and taxi stands and do not just leave your bags unattended anywhere while you go to get tickets or anything else.
  • Always approach the ‘May I Help You’ counters available at the airport for any assistance and do not seek help or information from any random person.
  • Opt for pre-paid taxi service only at airports and other places. The various benefits of this scheme are that you will not be over charged and you will also not be duped by taxi drivers. These taxi services are in the ambit of the Delhi Traffic Police and thus they ensure your safety.
  • If you happen to encounter any touts or any sort of harassment at airports or railway stations, approach a police officer deputed in the area for help. Even though the Delhi Police are taking all measures to prevent touts and other illegal elements in harassing any tourist, such information from the tourists will be of help to contain these crimes.
  • If you face any harassment or threats from touts or criminals, do not give in to them for the Delhi Police have deputed policemen and women in plain clothes in all possible areas and they will come to your rescue.
  • Make advance plan regarding stay and visit if you are planning to visit Delhi. Even if you haven’t, approach police for any required information. Never listen to taxi drivers and ask them for suggestions regarding stay and tourist places. Visit the offices of the Delhi Tourism or Police stations or the ‘May I Help You’ counters for any help or information.
  • In case if you happen to face any sort of harassment or trouble from touts, criminals or face any law and order problem, seek help from Police or just dial 100. Police will reach you in no time to help you out.

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