Lok Adalats

Permanent Lok Adalats in Government Departments

The Authority has set up permanent Lok Adalat at many places in Delhi. Some of the locations of these Adalats are:

  • B.S.E.S and NDPL (2 Permanent Lok Adalat, 4 Presiding Judges), Opp. Aiwan-e-Ghalib, Mata Sundri Lane, Near Mata Sunderi College, Delhi-110002.
  • Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (1 Permanent Lok Adalat) at Eastern Court, Janpath (on specific days and timings).
  • Municipal Corporation of Delhi (1 Permanent Lok Adalat) at Property Tax Building, Ring Road Lajpat Nagar (on specific days and timings).
  • New Delhi Municipal Council (1 Permanent Lok Adalat (on specific days and timings).

Since these Lok Adalats are proving to be quite popular and are received many queries, four more permanent Lok Adalats are going to be set up shortly.

Some of these Lok Adalats serve only during specific days and not many might be aware of it. Hence, the Authority informs general public regarding the Lok Adalats through newspapers. The advertisements also give adequate information about filing pleas and other legal matters so that people can take maximum advantage of these courts.

Lok Adalats for Family/Matrimonial Disputes

The Lok Adalats have been successful in assisting with cordial solutions to many cases under the Domestic Violence, Divorce, Custody of children, Maintenance, Adoption, Maintenance Act, and more. This is visible when one looks at the statistics in the year 2012-2013:

Stage No. of Cases Disposed of
Pending 475 

Continuous MACT Lok Adalats

It is not just the popularity of the film ‘OMG’ that reminds people of cases against insurance companies but the rising cases of complaints against insurance companies have become a major concern in legal circles. The Authority has taken into account such cases and has set up special Lok Adalats for the same. Called the MACT Lok Adalat, these Adalats are quite popular for its speedy and just disposal of cases. Just taking a look at the compensation distributed, one can imagine the success rate of these Adalats. The figures are as mentioned below:

No. of Cases Disposed of Settlement Amount/Compensation
463 Rs. 9,41,91,964/- 

Lok Adalat for Cases U/S 138 N.I. Act

There are so many cases pending at regular courts that it is not possible to expect a speedy justice. At such a time, the Lok Adalats are proving to be a boon in decreasing the case load in regular courts. These Adalats take up cheque bounces cases and provide speedy resolution to these cases. The statistics below prove the point:

No. of Cases Disposed of Settlement Amount
29347 Rs. 59,32,63,869/- 





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