Vehicle Design

If there is an accident or any crash in/of a vehicle, its heavy engineering and its designs plays an instrumental role. The engineering of the vehicle must be such that it should minimize or eliminate the risk of an accident and in case of an accident, the vehicle should provide enough resistance not only to its body but also to the occupants of the vehicle.

Several researches have hinted that the most potent weapon in eliminating or minimising the risk of fatalities in road accidents is to provide safety in the vehicles. A report filed by WHO cited the extent of the efficiency of reducing casualties and its measures in the UK. This research spanned across 1980 to the late 1996 and came out with an astonishing fact that a huge majority of the safety was provided through in vehicle safety mechanism.

In the decade of 90s, noteworthy steps were taken in order to better the design patterns of the vehicles in countries that were still developing and particularly in India. Having said that, there are demands and a need too on this section so as to improve the factors of design for overall protection of things outside the driven vehicle. By this, the people who fall under the vulnerable category on the roads are listed which till 2020 will also include pedestrians, motorists etc.

A huge majority of the pedestrian people who suffer such causalities are hit either by a heavy vehicle or the front part of other vehicles. It is often suggested that there must be a way to design safer fronts to increase the safety levels for the pedestrians. Certain suggestions were made which highlighted that a major risk could be averted if the design structures of the vans etc can be altered.


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